Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island debuted with 16 singles looking for love and five couples pairing up during Tuesday night's episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island will feature a three-week process for the singles, guided by franchise experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Jessica Griffin, in the romantic destination of St. Lucia.


By the end of Day 2 of the experiment, Calvin and Jessica instructed each person to commit to someone and become a couple -- or else leave St. Lucia and go home alone.

After a couple of love triangles unfolded and some hurt feelings, Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island watched five couples blossom and six individuals get eliminated.

Eric Acosta, a 31-year-old entrepreneur and son of a diplomat from Denver, CO, paired up with Katie Muller, a 28-year-old in digital advertising from Denver, CO.

Isabella McKenzie, a 25-year-old hostess from Atlanta, GA, matched herself with Tyler Moody, a 26-year-old construction company owner from Greeley, CO.

Brandin Brosh, a 28-year-old clothing boutique owner from Biloxi, MS, set her eyes on Jona Bienko, a 35-year-old auto broker from Como, CO.

Shannon Raddler, a 33-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Atlanta, GA, was interested in pursuing Kimber Gardner, a 28-year-old medical sales representative from Las Vegas, NV.

And finally, Jada Rashawn, a 27-year-old professional nanny placement specialist and brand spokesperson from San Antonio, TX, became a couple with Chris Perry, a 29-year-old musician, personal trainer and youth counselor from Binghamton, NY.


The Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island premiere began with Isabella arriving in Fiji after experiencing heartbreak. She had made it to the final round on Married at first Sight: Second Chances, but in the end, she was not the right match for David Norton.

Jona revealed he has undergone many surgeries following a life-threatening accident, but now he's fully recovered and ready to enter a committed relationship.
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Jona applied for Married at First Sight's fourth season in Miami, FL, and made it far in the experiment. He said producers actually called him to tell him he was matched, but minutes later he was told that his match withdrew from the process.

On Day 1, the cast of singles arrived on the island and introduced themselves to one another.

Isabella found herself immediately attracted to Tyler. They bonded over having family in Canada, and Isabella felt a connection.

Jocelyn Thompson, a 30-year-old business owner from Los Angeles, CA, thought Chris was "hot" and her "type."

Chris is a father and was looking for a woman who's ambitious, loyal and ready to be a stepmother to his daughter Bella.


Shannon then arrived, and Isabella immediately recognized him and gave him a huge, welcoming hug.

Shannon had a great experience dating Vanessa Nelson on Married at First Sight: Second Chances in Atlanta, GA. Shannon was disappointed Vanessa didn't choose him in the end because he's now ready to get married.

Married at First Sight experts Calvin and Jessica then arrived and told the cast they had been "scientifically" selected for this show and each person could have multiple good matches.

The one thing Calvin and Jessica couldn't account or plan for, however, was chemistry. Pastor Cal therefore explained the singles were going to match themselves.

If a person could not find his or her partner by the end of the day on Day 2 of the experiment, he or she would be sent home. For the couples who did ultimately find chemistry, they'd be able to stay on the island and continue building their connections.

The entire cast then boarded a big ship and enjoyed frozen drinks and each other's company. Jade decided she wanted to get to know Chris a little better, although she usually doesn't go for the most attractive guy whom every girl is after.


Jada's last relationship was seven years long but she had been cheated on, so she was looking for an honest and family-oriented person.

Meanwhile, Tyler was completely drawn to Isabella's beauty.

"The chemistry we sparked right away, it was beautiful," Tyler told the cameras, before Isabella agreed they had "undeniable chemistry" and it had taken her "by surprise."

And Brandin seemed to hit it off with Jona.

"We are connecting and are in our own little tunnel vision. She's full of energy, and I'm really intrigued by all the impressive things she's doing in her life. I'm looking forward to learning more," Jona said.

Brandin, in turn, thought Jona was attractive. She was hoping to find someone to travel and make money with.

Shannon was then shown bonding with Kimber, whose ex-fiance struggled with addiction.

Kimber revealed she loves to travel and is unsure whether she's like to have children in the future. While she seemed to like Shannon, she still had her eye on Jona, admitting that multiple women had the same taste in men.


Eric enjoyed a conversation with Katie, who found him to be articulate and well-traveled.

"I like a lot of things about Eric, and I think it's really helpful we share so much in common. He likes to travel, he's a really good looking guy, and there's so much I enjoy about him," Katie told the cameras.

Chris had an "insant vibe" with Jada, but he thought Jocelyn was the most gorgeous girl in the group, and he was very attracted to her. Jocelyn told Chris she really wants kids, and he seemed to like that about her.

On Day 2, the cast met with Calvin and Jessica again. There was a lot of pressure on the singles to quickly match up and become couples.

After a game of volleyball, Jocelyn acknowledged she was on the show for Chris and only interested in talking to him. Chris couldn't help but give Jocelyn all of his attention, and she had a feeling they'd continue the process together.

Katie called her romance with Eric "solid," and then Kimber tried to get to know Jona a little better despite his relationship that was blossoming with Brandin.

"I thought Jona and I had such a deep connection, but I'm not the one who's going to be competitive. If you want to choose another girl over me, go for it, because I'm hot. If you can't see what I have to offer, go be with that other girl. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours," Brandin vented.

Jona said it was "refreshing" to hang out with Kimber but she should probably pursue Shannon whole-heartedly. Jona had his heart set on Brandin, who could possibly become his future wife.

Brandin then tried to fix things with Shannon and get back on track. She let him know that he was her top pick, and Shannon in turn was invested in a romance with her.

"Me and Kimber's connection is growing stronger and stronger. She's hot, she's beautiful, and she's saying all the right things. I just need to show her that she's No. 1 and nobody else is in the picture right now," Shannon explained in a confessional.

Shannon ultimately made a move and kissed Kimber in the ocean, and their fellow cast members cheered from all around them.

Meanwhile, Chris was stuck in a love triangle. He thought both Jocelyn and Jada were wonderful girls.

By the end of Day 2, Calvin and Jessica met with each established couple.

First up was Katie and Eric. Jessica noted their conversations were on a shallow level and they'd have to dive a little deeper in order to build a solid foundation for a future marriage.

The experts then learned Isabella and Tyler were a couple. Tyler was convinced it was love at first sight for the pair, and he couldn't believe their relationship was "so real." But Calvin advised them to take things slow and be vulnerable.

Jona then sat down next to Jessica and Calvin alone. He hoped Brandin would join him.

Just as Jona assumed he was getting dumped, Brandin showed up late and confessed this accelerated process had made her nervous, uneasy and uncomfortable. However, she wanted to spend more time with Jona, and he was on "Cloud 9."

Jessica noticed, however, Brandin rejected Jona's hand when he tried to hold it on their way out of the meeting.

Jona and Brandin were followed by Shannon and Kimber, who appeared happy and at peace with their decision.

Next up was Jocelyn, who told the experts she had a better connection with Chris than Jada did. Chris was nowhere to be seen, however, and so Calvin and Jessica wanted to speak with him alone.

Chris revealed soon afterwards Jada was a better fit for his life but he was much more attracted to Jocelyn physically. Calvin told Chris this experience was about finding a woman to marry, not someone to date for several months.

As a result, Chris decided to date Jada going forward -- despite Jocelyn's apparent confidence in their bond. Chris thought Jada would be a wonderful role model for his daughter.

"I feel like I was blindsided. I got played -- and dumped," Jocelyn said in a confessional. "I'm disappointed because I came here to find love. So, I'm upset that didn't happen for me."

The following singles, unable to find a match, were then sent packing: Jocelyn; Bryan McKay, a 40-year-old estimator from Miami, FL, who had applied for Season 4 of MAFS; Lizzie Muse, a 30-year-old Kundalini yoga teacher from Boston, MA, who had applied for Season 6 of MAFS; Corey Saunders, a 31-year-old founder of BEFIT from Boston, MA; Travis Dalton, a 30-year-old aerospace engineer from Bluffton, SC; and Mekalya Silvera, a 32-year-old hairstylist from Miami, FL.

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