Marjorie Conrad, a 19-year-old student from San Francisco, CA, seemingly could not go to one judges' panel without hearing about her nerves and jittery personality. However, following her elimination from America's Next Top Model on Wednesday, Conrad doesn't think that her persona is as one sided as the show portrayed.

"I have to say that my personality is much closer to the composed side I show during my final judging rather than the extreme nervousness that was frequently criticized," Conrad told Reality TV World in a media conference call that followed Wednesday night's broadcast of her America's Next Top Model elimination. "I didn't show this side as much because I would often be called boring when I'd be calm and controlled in panel. This happened on several occasions, some were not aired."

"So as a result I actually overemphasized my uncertainty... out of fear of being eliminated for lacking personality," she added.

Conrad also said that judges had often accused her of being nervous during panel sessions when she had not been and added that she felt both she and Analeigh, a 19-year-old student from Sacramento, CA, had been shown as being one-dimensional on the show as a result.

"I feel like [Analeigh was shown as] this wholesome 'American girl' on the show, but she has a lot of deep, private issues that are not addressed at all in the context of the show," Conrad told reporters. "It's funny that we're taken to be such caricatures, and the viewers take it to the first degree."

Conrad said she had become very close with Analeigh and hoped to reconnect with her after the show. While she has initially held her composure after being told by America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks that she had been eliminated, she told Reality TV World that it was only after seeing Analeigh that she became emotional.

"I wasn't about to break down until I saw her face and it was actually really nice to see that she [was] really affected and that she was still rooting for me," she told Reality TV World. "It was really emotional because we had gotten so close.

Much like how she felt that their personas had been one-dimensional, Conrad also said that she felt their relationship had not been shown properly on the show.

"I do think that Analeigh and I's friendship is shown in a rather uni-dimensional light because Analeigh did need my support as much as I needed hers and we were equally valued friends to one another. Often it's just shown as this one-sided dependency, but it's actually really mutual and we both really protected each other during hard times."

Conrad also felt that the scenes that showed her drinking and partying with a group of boys during Wednesday night's episode had misconstrued what had actually happened.

"You know, honestly I think it was completely blown out of proportion. I really didn't consume that much alcohol... It wasn't like i was some loose woman," Conrad told Reality TV World with a laugh. "It really wasn't that big a deal. I mean people think it was 'losing control,' but I think it was pretty innocent considering the possibilities of that actually turning ugly."

Conrad told reporters that she had never thought of modeling before being recruited in her college bookstore. However, after getting a taste of the industry, she added that she now wanted to pursue the career as a print model.

"I really love photo shoots. I love coming up with a concept and then trying to actualize it in a photograph," she told reporters. "I think a model should be relatable and able to connect with the person looking at the photograph. Transmitting an emotion through  a still image is very interesting to me."
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She also expressed a desire to work as a model in France, her native country.

"I would love to model there, I mean before the show I wasn't expecting to model, and now that I've been exposed to that possibility I really wanna give it 100%," she told reporters.