Lucas "Whaboom" Yancey and Blake Elarbee put on a show unlike anything The Bachelorette staff has ever seen, according to Chris Harrison.

"I'm not sure I've ever seen anything so unusual as the ongoing feud between Lucas and Blake," Chris wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

After The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay sent both guys packing during the season's second Rose Ceremony on Monday night's episode, Blake and Lucas blasted each other in the courtyard outside of the Los Angeles mansion.

Blake cussed Lucas out in front of cameras, calling him a "piece of sh-t," a "wannabe comedian" and a "washed-up joke." Lucas, on the other hand, told Blake to go back to his pathetic life of protein shakes and steroids. As the argument escalated, the men began mocking each other in an obnoxious manner.

"That was something we had truly never seen in our many years at the Bachelor Mansion. These two guys went at it for a solid twenty minutes," Chris revealed.

"I wish you could have seen all of it, but there was simply too much to show you. Not to say that you missed anything, because it was basically this same fight over and over again -- but man, this truly was one of the strangest endings to a night I'd ever seen."

Since the beginning of the season, Blake had it out for Lucas and wanted to get rid of him. Blake questioned Lucas' intentions, which was easy to do considering Lucas constantly yelled "whaaaabooooom" to make a scene.

But as we've come to find out, the two guys are from the same town and already had a history of dating the same girl, as they both previously appeared on WE tv's Ex Isle together in 2016 with Lucas' ex-girlfriend Brittney.

During one of Rachel's group dates on Monday night's broadcast, Blake warned Rachel that Lucas just wanted to be a TV star and comedian, while Lucas vented to the Bachelorette about how Blake had a crush on him and once peeled and licked a banana over his bed while he was sleeping.

When Rachel confronted Blake with such a wild story, Blake argued that he's on a no carb diet, and so he doesn't even eat bananas!

"Lucas had bizarre accusations and Blake had equally bizarre answers to those accusations," Chris explained in his blog.

"I think at this point it was taking so long for Rachel to even figure out what was going on she decided to just start over and send them both home, letting them figure it out for themselves. And they did exactly that."
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