Alex Bordyukov is making quite an impression on Rachel Lindsay so far in her The Bachelorette season.

Alex, a 28-year-old information systems supervisor from Grosse Pointe Park, MI, sang Rachel a song in Russian and stood out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Monday night's episode when he stripped and danced for audience members, including someone's sweet grandmother.

Alex revealed on Ellen's show he once peed in the Bachelor mansion's pool and sent a woman a "classy" nude selfie.

While he appears to be "a big burly Russian dude who just doesn't give a damn," according to bachelor Will Gaskins, Rachel believes there is so much more to Alex than meets the eye.

For starters, Rachel revealed in her People blog that Alex is a "serial monogamist."

He's also the suitor able to solve a Rubik's cube within a matter of minutes. Although fans didn't see it unfold on television, Rachel also said, "Alex won the trivia round" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"He's as smart as he is handsome. That man is a Rubik's cube that I'm having a great time trying to solve. Ladies, I repeat, we may have a unicorn in our midst," Rachel wrote.

During the latest The Bachelorette episode, Rachel called Alex a "dark horse" in the competition, telling the cameras in a confessional that he taught her something new every time they sat down to have a conversation. So there are definitely brains behind his brawn.

"Alex, who has all the tall-dark-and-handsome looks, smarts and charm to serial date as many women as he wants shared with me just how slow and serious he takes relationships," Rachel disclosed.

"As refreshing as it was to hear from a man this experience doesn't lend itself to such a pace. So when he went right in for the kiss he took my breath away."

Rachel therefore decided to give the group date rose to Alex since they had strengthened both a physical and mental connection.

"It was a relief that he was able to push beyond his comfort zone and share a romantic moment with me," Rachel noted in her blog.