Love It or List It will premiere all-new episodes next month on HGTV.

HGTV has announced new Season 13 episodes of Love It or List It will debut Monday, May 7 at 9PM ET/PT.

The popular series will air eight fresh episodes and continue to star Hilary Farr and David Visentin with all of their banter and wit.

Hilary and David are tasked with helping homeowners make a difficult decision between loving their newly-renovated home thanks to the talents of Hilary, or selling their original home and purchasing a new one discovered by David that might be a better fit for a family's needs.

"I always do my best to accommodate each owner's list of 'must haves,'" Hilary said in a statement.

"I may need to get extra creative depending on my budget, but I know when I finish revamping their home, the owners will love it."

As for David, he added, "I try to take homeowners outside their comfort zone to make the most of their budget and make them see what they could get for their money if they are brave enough to list it."

In the May 7 episode of Love It or List It, Hilary and David will meet a young couple living in an outdated 1970s ranch home previously owned by her late grandmother.

Hilary will attempt a dramatic redesign, complete with an open floorplan, a functional closet and bright bathroom with a walk-in shower for the master bedroom, and a cozy fireplace in the living room.

Hilary will also work to improve the kitchen by adding in an oversized island perfect for entertaining.

Meanwhile, David will try to convince the couple to put the home on the market and buy a newer property that fulfills their lengthy wishlist.

Season 13 of Love It or List It premiered on HGTV last year. 
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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