Dancing with the Stars 2 semi-finalist Lisa Rinna has responded to Wednesday's New York Post report that she'll be replacing Samantha Harris when the show returns for its third season, telling Extra that she's "heard nothing" about the possibility of co-hosting Dancing with the Stars 3 and unequivocally stating "there is no truth to this rumor... at least, not at the moment" in a later posting on her myspace.com blog.

"I've heard nothing," Lisa told Extra as she headed into Wednesday's 43rd annual ICG Publicists Guild Awards luncheon at the Beverly Hilton hotel's International Ballroom (the syndicated entertainment news show broadcast Lisa's comments on its Thursday edition.)

However, although she seemed surprised to be hearing about the Post report that had been published that morning, Lisa also appeared intrigued with the idea -- and certainly sounded like someone who, if offered the Dancing with the Stars co-hosting role, would jump at the opportunity.

"I think it's very flattering. I would do anything for Dancing with the Stars, so...," the 42-year-old actress and SoapNet talk show host, eliminated in the results show that aired the week before the Dancing with the Stars 2's two-part finale, added in her response to Extra.

Lisa later offered a more detailed response in a blog entry posted to her myspace.com blog shortly after midnight on Wednesday night. "Something weird came out in the press today....Page SIX of the NY Post....saying that I was going to host DWTS next season!!," wrote Rinna.

"Okay....what's going on??....no one has talked to me about this. Someone is putting out false information unless there's something I don't know. But you'd think that I'd be the first to know something like that!! Let me just officially say here that there is no truth to this rumor....at least, not at the moment."

Then, presumably recognizing that she may have unintentionally come across as openly campaigning for Samantha's job in her earlier Extra comments, Lisa also gave her own endorsement to Dancing with the Stars' incumbent hosting team. "Sure, I'd love to host the show but Samantha and Tom [Bergeron] do an amazing job together and.....if it ain't broke....don't fix it!!"