Libra Thompson became the fifth houseguest evicted from Big Brother's tenth season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The married 31-year-old human resources representative and mother of three from Spring, TX was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 38 by a unanimous 6-0 vote, and thus became the tenth-season's first jury member.

Libra was placed on the chopping block by the competition's fifth Head of Household Michelle Costa, a single 28-year-old real estate agent from Cumberland, RI. 

Michelle nominated Libra and Keesha Smith, a single 29-year-old Hooters waitress from Burbank, CA, for eviction during Sunday night's broadcast as revenge since both were largely responsible for orchestrating the ouster of her closest ally in the game, Jessie Godderz.

Neither Libra or Keesha was able to win Power of Veto, which was instead claimed during Tuesday night's broadcast by Jerry MacDonald, a married 75-year-old former Marine and retired marketing executive from Magnolia, TX.  It was the second consecutive week Jerry claimed PoV.

Jerry was tempted to take Keesha or Libra off the block to instead put up Dan Gheesling, a single 24-year-old Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI who served as America's Player last week.

Jerry felt Dan needed to be taught a lesson since he promised Jerry he wouldn't vote to evict Jessie, but subsequently did so anyway.  What Jerry didn't know was Dan had to vote for Jessie per home viewer votes as America's Player.

Even though Jerry didn't change Michelle's nominees, he still got on his soap box and gave Dan a verbal tongue lashing that concluded with him calling Dan "Judas."  Michelle thought Jerry's speech put a "huge target" on his back, and Robert "Memphis" Garrett, a single 25-year-old mixologist and party planner from Los Angeles, CA, agreed.

"It's just one more thing that slipped out of his mouth that he's going to regret saying," said Memphis, who had previously been called a "womanizer" by Jerry.

Libra was always Michelle's target since she felt Libra was the one who was able to get the votes necessary to evict Jessie.  Libra recognized this, and called herself a "dead woman walking" who needed a "miracle" to be saved.

However it was actually Keesha who first identified Jessie as a threat and thought he needed to be booted last week, a fact that Libra eventually told Bryan Ollie, a single 27-year-old marketing sales representative from Bloomington, MN. 

Ollie subsequently told this to his Big Brother girlfriend April Dowling, a single 30-year-old finance manager from Higley, AZ.

"We have to get Keesha out," said April to Ollie, adding she no longer trusted Keesha -- who she was previously in an alliance with.

Meanwhile Dan and Memphis realized that they needed to form their own alliance, which is what they did -- giving themselves the "Renegades" moniker.  They targeted Keesha and Renny Martyn, a married 53-year-old hair salon owner from Metairie, LA as perfect alliance partners, which meant keeping Keesha in the game was imperative.

Ollie eventually approached Libra and explained that he and April would vote to evict Keesha if Libra promised she wouldn't nominate either of them if she were to win the next HoH.  Libra obviously took the deal, however it was contingent on getting Dan to vote with Ollie, April and Jerry to evict Keesha.

"I want to blindside them," said Ollie about evicting Keesha.  "I don't want them to even think it's coming."

Libra approached Dan and asked where his head was concerning the upcoming vote.  Dan said he was open for communication, and Libra explained that the vote could be a split -- with April, Ollie and Jerry voting to evict Keesha and Memphis, Renny and Dan voting to boot her. 

Knowing Michelle would break the tie by voting to evict Libra, she expressed the importance of Dan siding with Ollie, April and Jerry.  Dan told Libra he would "think about" her proposal.

"If I were to send Keesha to the jury this week, she'd be extremely mad at me because she's counting on my vote to keep her here," said Dan in the Diary Room.  "On the other hand, if Libra were to stay in the game that would benefit me tremendously because that leaves an enormous target in the game -- an enormous target who has no interest in coming after me."

The live portion of last night's Big Brother 10 broadcast then commenced and Keesha and Libra were each given one last chance to defend themselves -- however Libra seemed to know her fate and instead gave a swan song speech.

"This has been a crazy game.  It's a game of power struggles, and each week it changes on a dime.  I definitely stand proud and tall with the way that I went last week.  I feel as though each week changes and each time something different happens in the game, you have to think for yourself," she said. 

"So hopefully if I am evicted or not -- either way it goes -- you guys start thinking about the game and that you've got to play it for yourself at some point.  Have fun.  It's a game."

Renny, Memphis, Jerry, Dan, Ollie and April then all voted to evict Libra.  She gathered her belongings and exited the house before being met by host Julie Chen and a live studio audience.

Julie called Libra's alliance with Keesha and April "one of the most volatile in Big Brother history" and asked Libra why she thought that was the case.

"We're a bunch of women, we're all around the same age, we have a lot of the same ideas about things, very A-type personalities, dominant a little bit," answered Libra. 

"So I think we want to push the envelope a little, and that's what happens... I really do think that outside of the house -- if it weren't for the house -- we'd get along really well.  But we butt heads because of the competition and the big ole prize at the end."

In addition, Libra said she was unsure if she deserved most of the credit she received for orchestrating evictions.

"They gave me a lot of credit.  I deserve some of it, but not all of it," she said.  "There are a lot of votes that lead up to evictions in the house, and to just put it on one vote, I was starting to call myself the puppet mistress... I did do my dirt and it did catch up with me.  But at the same time it was fun doing it, I had a lot of fun doing it."

Libra also addressed criticism she's received for leaving her family -- including two newborn twins -- to compete on Big Brother.

"It's one of those things that's a paradox," she explained. 

"You leave your family because you want to hopefully win $500,000.  You leave your family to do something for your family.  It's one of those things that I figured if I were the winner of Big Brother, than it would definitely help us in the long run... For me, it was about the challenge as well.  The challenge of going outside of the norm for me."

Following Libra's eviction, the eight remaining houseguests -- minus Michelle, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- competed in the tenth season's fifth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Diary Room Confessions," Julie would read a series of quotes previously made in the Diary Room by either Brian Hart, Steven Daigle, Angie Swindell or Jessie.  The houseguests then had to figure out if the quotes were from Brian, Steven, Angie or Jessie. If a houseGuest answered correctly, they not only got to stay in the competition, but also got to eliminate another player. 

Renny answered the final question correctly and became the sixth HoH.

Big Brother 10's next episode will air Sunday, August 17 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
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