For a self-described "game player who just enjoys playing the game of Survivor," Lex van den Berghe certainly doesn't seem to play the game particularly well.

Once again following his gut (maybe its time to think about having that thing removed), Lex watched his ill-advised pact with Rob Mariano predictably end in betrayal once Survivor: All-Stars' two tribes merged, with Lex being ousted from the game by the well-known schemer and his minions allies on last night's CBS broadcast.

Survivor: All-Stars' tenth episode opened with the program's five remaining Mogo Mogo members wondering of Amber Brkich's fate and with Rob taking steps to replace the expected loss of his ally via a new alliance with fellow Mogo Mogo tribe member Alicia Calaway. However upon their arrival at the episode's Reward Challenge, Mogo Mogo discovered that their presumption of Amber's ouster had been incorrect, instead Lex had indeed heeded to Rob's request of last episode and kept Amber around and alternatively booted Chapera's own Jerri Manthey.

After host Jeff Probst explained that the still unmerged tribe members would actually be competing as individuals in the day's Reward Challenge, the nine remaining contestants faced off for a series of preliminary dive contests which would determine which three finalists would compete in the challenge's final round of transporting a heavy crate sunken crate to shore. At the end of the heats, Rob, Lex, and Rupert Boneham faced off in the final round, with Rupert winning handily and opting to select Amber and Jenna Lewis to join him for an overnight offshore excursion to a luxurious spa resort.

Upon their arrival at what they expected to be the next day's Immunity Challenge (with Rupert, Amber, and Jenna arriving by helicopter from their overnight adventure), the tribes discovered that they'd instead be merging -- with their current location, the Chapera tribe's former beach, to be the site of the merged tribe's camp.

After selecting Chaboga Mogo as the name of their new merged tribe, the group quickly set about creating a shelter from the remnants of Chapera's previously abandoned supplies. And as they worked, Lex quickly began to suspect that perhaps he had made a mistake (gee you think!) in trusting Rob to follow through on the alliance that he believed they had negotiated in return for not voting out Amber during the previous episode's Tribal Council.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff announced that Survivor producer Mark Burnett had apparently finally taken steps to respond to criticism that several of the game's challenges were unfair to women and announced that for the first time ever, the day's immunity challenge would actually feature two challenges -- one for the men, and one for the women -- with the winner of each sex's challenge winning immunity.

Clearly sensing their own necks on the chopping block, Lex and his ally Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien went all out, with Lex advancing to face Rob in the men's finals and Kathy advancing to face Amber. While Kathy was able to defeat Amber and win immunity in her final, despite having a late lead, Lex was unable to free his last buoy and Rob surged from behind and won the men's immunity.

Upon returning to camp, Lex and Kathy confronted Rob about their suspicions that he wasn't planning on following through with his end of the deal to which they had previously agreed. Rob acknowledged their agreement, but claimed that he'd only agreed to make an effort to safe the duo, not a promise to do so, and left an emotional Kathy and Lex behind to bemoan the gravity of their mistake. During the course of their conversation, a tearful Kathy made what apparently turned out to be insincere claims to be planning to give her immunity away to Lex at the upcoming night's Tribal Council, while an apparent equally insincere Lex prodded her not to do so. Upon their arrival at the evening's Tribal Council, a solemn Kathy told Jeff that she'd be keeping her immunity necklace, while a shocked Lex looked on, leading to Lex's departure in a 7-2 vote.

Episode 10's correct bootee prediction lifts our Survivor All-Stars prediction record to 9-0-1. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, there's a player atop the leaderboard -- congratulations to Brownroach

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