The Las Vegas Weekly reports that fans of MTV's "The Real World" will soon be able to bunk in the very same Las Vegas casino luxury suite as the party-heavy gang from upcoming 'Real World: Las Vegas,' which wrapped last month.

The Palms hotel has apparently tidied up the four-bedroom pad and added plenty more high-roller touches. Situated 28 floors up, the suite already includes a Jacuzzi built for seven-de rigeur for "Real World" hosting sites.

Although plans for the actual "unveiling" have yet to be announced, rumor has it the place will be available for occupancy before the end of the summer.

One source says MTV had to sign off on the refurbished rooms to ensure that nothing tell-tale lingers before wilder and crazier Season 12 hits the airwaves. Of course, should you want to share the space happily inhabited by the "Real World" seven, expect a hefty price tag.