Lance Layne and Keri Morrione's frantic approach to The Amazing Race finally caught up with them.

Lance, a 41-year-old lawyer from Salem, MA, and his fiancee Keri, a 33-year-old finance manager from Peabody, MA, became the fifth team eliminated from The Amazing Race's fifteenth season during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

"We just have so many other good things to look forward to," said Keri after her team's ouster.

"We'll never forget it," added Lance. "We hoped we could do more of it. It's just a great thing to have in your life."

The Amazing Race's fourth fifteenth-season episode began at the previous Pit Stop in Wat Phnom, Cambodia.

Since "Brothers" Daniel and Samuel McMillen were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop, they were the first team to depart at 12:25PM. 

They opened their clue, which instructed them to fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world's tallest building -- the Burj Dubai, which is still under construction and nearly twice the height of the Empire State Building.  Once there, they would sign up for one of two elevator rides to the 124th floor, where they would receive their next clue.

Sam and Dan were followed by "Teammates" Herbert "Flight Time" Lang and Nathaniel "The Big Easy" Lofton (12:27PM), "Married Couple" Ericka Dunlap and Brian Kleinschmidt (12:30PM), "Father/Son" Gary and Matt Tomljenovich (12:35PM), "Dating Couple" Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney (12:37PM), Lance and Keri (12:47PM), "Newly Dating Couple" Mika Combs and Canaan Smith (12:49PM), and "Professional Poker Players" Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle (12:55PM).

Lance and Keri wasted some time trying to book a flight at an Internet cafe and eventually decided to just go to the airport.

"If we don't get a flight than it was very costly, so we'll see what happens," said Lance.

It wasn't worth the worry, as Lance and Keri arrived at the airport and were still able to book the same flight as the other seven teams -- which connected through Bangcock on its way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Maria and Tiffany, Brian and Ericka, Sam and Dan and Meghan and Cheyne were the first four teams to arrive at the Burj Dubai and secured the first elevator ride to the top, which would leave the next morning at 5:30AM. The other four teams would have to take the second elevator, which would go up at 5:45AM.

The next morning the first four teams reached the top and opened their next clue, which instructed them to make their way to a parking garage, find marked cars and drive themselves into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve -- where they would ride in 4x4 vehicles to their next clue.
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In addition, the teams were met by The Amazing Race's only fifteenth-season Fast Forward.  The first team to complete it would be able to skip the entire leg and go directly to the Pit Stop.  To complete the Fast Forward, teams would have to find the Dubai Autodrome racetrack and -- driving in an F3 open-wheel racecar -- one team member would have to complete a lap in 45 seconds or less to receive their next clue.

Cheyne and Meghan were the only team that decided to try the Fast Forward.

The second elevator arrived at the top, and the other four teams received the clue. Everybody was able to find the parking garage and their marked vehicle, except for Lance and Keri -- who ran in the opposite direction of Flight Time and Big Easy, Mika and Canaan  and Matt and Gary.

"We should have just ran with the other teams," opined Lance as the looked around the parking garage.

"I don't see any marked cars!" said Keri.

"Please god where is it?" asked Lance.

As they searched for their vehicle, Big Easy and Flight Time eventually split from Mika and Canaan -- as both of them took different turns in an attempt to get to the conservation area.  Lance and Keri eventually found their vehicle and left for the desert.  However another problem arose when Keri asked for directions and Lance instructed her to stop.

"Okay, you drive," responded Keri. "I'm not going to ask anyone."

Meghan and Cheyne arrived at the Autodrome and began the Fast Forward as Sam and Dan, Maria and Tiffany and Brian and Ericka arrived at the 4x4 vehicles.  They completed their trip across the desert and were met by a Roadblock.

One member from each team would have to choose a traditional bag and search the desert for water that's been stored in urns and buried in the sand -- however not all of the buried urns contained water. Once they found enough water to fill their bag, they'd give it to a camel and receive their next clue.

Brian, Tiffany and Dan decided to complete the Roadblock for their teams, and they quickly had a tough time attempting to find the urns with water. This allowed Big Easy and Flight Time and Matt and Gary to catch up just as Brian found an urn and began to retrieve water. Big Easy and Matt decided to do the Roadblock for their teams.

Meanwhile Lance and Keri continued to try and find the conservation area.

"I'm sure most of the teams got out of the city fine," correctly stated Lance as he drove before telling Keri which way he intended to drive.

"Use your judgement," she said.

"My judgement sucks," he replied with a laugh.

At the Autodrome, Cheyne completed a lap in 40.62 seconds. He and Meghan opened their next clue, which instructed them to travel to the Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.  They subsequently arrived there via a Maserati ride and were the first team to reach the Pit Stop, winning a trip for two to Jamaica.

As Brian finished filling his bag, he told Tiffany and Dan where they could find an urn with water.

"I feel like if you treat others how you want to be treated, if you help them, they're going to help you down the road," explained Brian. "You never know what the future holds on this race."

Brian and Ericka opened their next clue, which instructed them to make their way back into the city and find Ski Dubai -- an indoor ski resort covering an area of more than four football fields -- where they would find their next clue.

Tiffany let Dan use her ladle to fill his bag.

"I think it's pretty clear that we're in an alliance with them," said Maria.

Sam and Dan, Maria and Tiffany and Matt and Gary then left the conservation area just as Mika and Canaan arrived -- however Maria hit a snag when she got behind the wheel of her team's vehicle and ran over a rod sticking out of the ground.

It punctured the vehicle's radiator and they had to wait for a replacement vehicle. Sam and Dan decided to wait with them.

"We're waiting to make sure they're okay, and then once they get a car I think we're going to head out," explained Dan. "That's what an alliance is for."

Despite the setback, the replacement car came and both teams departed in separate vehicles. Big Easy completed the Roadblock just as Mika and Canaan started, with Canaan deciding to do it.

Lance and Keri continued to bicker and eventually found the conservation area, took their 4x4 ride and arrived at the Roadblock. Lance decided to do it, and he frantically ran around in the desert heat trying to find water. However he mostly encountered empty urns, a few of which he kicked in anger.  Canaan was the first to fill his jug and -- eventually -- Lance did the same once he found an urn with water.

"That's your penalty for being the last one to show up here," opined Lance as he filled his jug.  "I disappointed Keri because I kind of screwed it up for us. But I'm definitely not a quitter."

Matt and Gary were the first team to arrive at Ski Dubai and were met by a Detour, where they had to choose between "Build a Snowman" or "Find a Snowman."

In "Build a Snowman," teams had to take snow from inside of Ski Dubai and build a traditional snowman outside before the snow melted. In "Find a Snowman," teams had to ride the ski lift to the top of the artificial mountain and then sled down to piles of snow and dig through the snow for a toy snowman.

Matt and Gary chose "Find a Snowman," and it wasn't as easy as they anticipated -- allowing Brian and Ericka, Maria and Tiffany and Sam and Dan to catch up. They also all chose "Find a Snowman."

However all four teams had problems finding the small snowman until Ericka found one. She and Brian opened their next clue, which instructed them to drive themselves through the city to the Pit Stop at Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

As Flight Time and Big Easy arrived at the Detour, Maria and Tiffany and Matt and Gary decided to switch to "Build a Snowman."

"We could do build," suggested Dan.

"No Dan, we're not quitting on this," replied Sam.

Lance and Keri finally figured they were going the right way, however Lance thought their latest direction blunder might have been a costly one.

"Every one of our decisions costs us about half-an-hour," he said. "They're just poor, bad, awful, despicable."

"We are directionally challenged," added Keri.

The brothers continued to argue about whether they should switch or not before they eventually decided to try "Build a Snowman" -- just as Flight Time and Big Easy completed "Find a Snowman."  In addition, Gary and Matt also completed "Build a Snowman."

Brian and Ericka were the second team to reach the Pit Stop, followed by Flight Time and Big Easy in third and Gary and Matt in fourth.

Mika and Canaan arrived at Ski Dubai and chose "Build a Snowman" just as Maria and Tiffany and Sam and Dan finished. The brothers were the fifth team to reach the Pit Stop, while the professional poker players reached the Pit Stop in sixth.

Mika and Canaan finished their Detour task just before Lance and Keri arrived and chose "Build a Snowman."  There multiple direction delays were costly, as Mika and Canaan were the seventh team to reach the Pit Stop.

"Maybe it'll be non-elimination and we'll get lucky," hoped Lance on the way to the Pit Stop.

"It is amazing how bad we did today," added Keri. "I don't think in the history of all the races anybody has ever done this bad."

Unfortunately it wasn't a non-elimination leg, as Lance and Keri were ousted upon reaching the Pit Stop.

"That's okay, we had a great time," said Lance.  "Me and Keri have different personalities, but we have a good relationship. We're different people, but I don't think I'd want to marry myself. I think it would suck. I don't think I could handle that."

The Amazing Race's next fifteenth-season episode will air Sunday, October 25 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
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