Kylie Lewis, the redhead bachelorette Juan Pablo Galavis rejected during The Bachelor's Monday night premiere after she walked down to accept a rose when another girl's name had been called, believes the show's producers purposely embarrassed her.

Lewis insisted show producers set her up to fail with Galavis the first night by instructing her to dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red, wear a pink dress instead of a purple one she had picked out, and tweet Galavis right after meeting him for the first time, TMZ reported.

The 23-year-old interior designer suggested producers made her look desperate by having her tweet, "OMG I JUST MET @JuanPaGalavis!!!" after her introduction. She reportedly planned to make a good first impression by giving Galavis a picture she had drawn of him.  

"My limo entrance was suggested to me by producers," Lewis told Chicago's B96 radio station on Tuesday, according to Us Weekly. "And I agreed to it -- it's not that they force you to do anything. It's just that they come up with the ideas, and then you go with it."

Lewis also told TMZ that she's shocked The Bachelor producers even chose to air the footage in which she walked out to receive a rose from Galavis during the Rose Ceremony when, in fact, Kat Hurd's name had been called.

"That Rose Ceremony probably took an hour to film," Lewis reportedly said. "So you're standing there -- and it's 6AM -- after filming for 10-plus hours with no sleep. That's the part no one really realizes. So you're already delirious."

Shortly after The Bachelor's eighteenth season debuted on ABC, Lewis tweeted her thoughts on the edited version of her humiliating experience.

"FINALLY. The weight has been lifted," she wrote. "I received no rose, but the support I have felt along the way means more to me than I can ever explain."

Lewis also tweeted a fan, saying she had thrown up [again] watching the Rose Ceremony play out on TV and cried a little, Us reported.

Galavis eliminated Lewis, one of nine bachelorettes, when whittling down his 27 ladies to 18.
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