Krystal Nielson's The Bachelor elimination was better later than never for a lot of viewers, but Arie Luyendyk Jr. was hesitant to let her go. So what really happened in Paris?

"It was difficult. It was difficult in the moment," Arie told E! News of his decision to oust Krystal on their two-on-one date with Kendall Long, who received a rose as a result.

Arie got to know a sweet, selfless girl who loves helping homeless people and cares about other's health and nutrition. The 29-year-old fitness coach made it known she was on the show for Arie, not for friends or fame.

But Krystal's competition viewed her as condescending, insincere and fake. Krystal had such confidence in her relationship with Arie that it turned the other girls off, and the bachelorette became Public Enemy No. 1 in the house.

"I think now because I'm seeing the other side of things, yeah, people are like, 'Wow, why did it take you so long?' And it's only been because our relationship was actually really good," Arie said.

But Arie let Krystal go because he thought Kendall had a lot of promise. Their connection was growing with each passing day, and he said at the time of filming his decision to get rid of Krystal was thanks to "logic" and "an instinctual feeling."

"Kendall was a rockstar that day," Arie gushed to the website. "I got to learn so much about her. She's so articulate and poised, and she really made that day fun despite the heavy impact of the two-on-one."

As for Arie and Krystal's romance, it was the bowling date in Fort Lauderdale "when things started to break down," according to Arie.

Krystal's team of girls won a bowling match and expected to receive alone time with Arie during the nighttime portion of the date; however, the Bachelor decided it would be fair to invite the losing team as well. After all, Arie had little time with the women and it was important to take advantage of every moment.

But Krystal was far from understanding. She threw a little temper tantrum, allegedly called Arie a "liar" on the way home, and refused to join the afterparty.

Arie was forced to confront Krystal in her hotel room, and he didn't appreciate her behavior, admitting that their first fight may actually be their last.

However, Arie gave Krystal a rose in Fort Lauderdale, much to the dismay of her competition and many viewers watching at home.
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"I wanted to give her another chance because I think a lot of what makes a good relationship is how you get over adversity and how you get through the problems," Arie explained to E! News.

"With Krystal, we had that first one-on-one date, she met my family [in Scottsdale], and our relationship was really moving along quickly. I think that's what gave her so much confidence throughout the show, and after we had our issues in Fort Lauderdale, I wanted to give her another chance because it's important to not just give up on a relationship."

Arie added that you can "learn a lot about someone" through how they deal with struggles in a relationship.

On a side note, Arie shared that he "didn't mind" Krystal's deep and scratchy voice, despite all the criticism on Instagram and Twitter.

"I know that's a big topic of discussion, but it's hard to see the things that are said about her, because she actually is a good person," Arie acknowledged.

"I know people like to poke fun on social media, but we all have our things. I mean, look at me, I say the same five things over and over again -- and now I'm changing that."