The brother of Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been sentenced to 10 months in an Indonesian jail for heroin possession, the Daily Telegraph has said.

Ronald Ramsay faced a possible 14-year sentence, however, his lawyer argued that lighter penalties had been applied in recent similar cases and said his client may appeal.

Ramsay, who was working as a private English teacher in Bali, was arrested in February when he entered a supermarket carrying the drug.

Throughout his detention and trial, he and his lawyer have claimed he has received no support from his family as he struggled to pay for necessities like food, soap and legal fees and was forced to share a cell with pedophiles and murderers.

"I asked (Gordon) for his help; he knows I need help," Gordon told a reporter in July. "I've heard nothing from my family. It's heart-breaking."

Gordon Ramsay, a famed TV personality and restaurateur, has, in the past, given his brother a job at one of restaurants and a London apartment, as well as paid for stays at an expensive rehab facility in attempts to help Ronald kick his addiction and get back on his feet.