Kirstie Alley says she wasn't surprised about being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars but she was surprised about Gilles Marini and partner Peta Murgatroyd's ouster.

"I can't say [my elimination] was unexpected. I mean the caliber of dancers up there -- It was more unexpected that [Gilles and Peta] got voted off, seriously. They get almost perfect [scores] all the time and we get almost never perfect," Alley said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Marini, Murgatroyd and her professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

The actress also said she wouldn't compete on another all-star edition of Dancing with the Stars in the future unless the show's standards met one condition. 

"Hell no -- not -- for me personally, not unless they have people that are just really bad -- horrible dancers, seriously horrible, where I just feel like the queen all the time. This year was a little rough because these guys [Gilles and Peta], come on, seriously. What the hell are they doing here? I can't even believe they're not on the show anymore," Alley explained.

While Chmerkovskiy doesn't seem to want to do another Dancing with the Stars season in general, he told Kimmel he's not going anywhere just yet.

"I probably have no choice [to do another season] because I'm still under contract," the pro dancer laughed, adding that if he did actually have a choice in the matter, it'd be tough for him to beat this season he had with Alley.

"I don't know who out there can top this. I feel like I need at least two partners next season at the same time to peak Kirstie Alley. There needs to be a permanent threesome."

Also during the appearance, Alley voiced her support for the idea of Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke starring as the next Bachelorette -- completely dismissing any rumors that she'd be interested in taking on the role herself.

"No, I would not ever do that. I would not ever do that. I don't want to kiss 22 people -- 25, whatever. I don't. I think Cheryl Burke should be it though, seriously. She's looking for love. She's looking for love, I'm looking for money. I'm just saying," Alley added.

Alley and Chmerkovskiy, along with Marini and Murgatroyd, were both eliminated during Tuesday night's special double-elimination episode of Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars just shy of making it to the semi-finals starting next week.
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