Khloe Kardashian is crying foul about her surprising elimination on Sunday night's broadcast of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Although she recognizes the seriousness of her 2007 drunk driving incident, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star says she doesn't understand how it was relevant to her standing on the NBC reality series and why Donald Trump considered it a fireable offense given he spared former Miss USA winner Tara Conner from a similar real-life fate three years ago.

"I find it weird that he can forgive and take back Tara Conner but he can't do the same with me?!  The things people do for ratings!" Kardashian wrote on her blog on Monday. 

During the boardroom session of Sunday's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, The Donald latched onto Kardashian's 2007 drunk driving arrest, which he claimed he had only learned of when Kardashian had missed part of the competition's previous task to attend a DUI class that was part of her probation agreement back in Los Angeles. 

After telling her he wouldn't have even let her be part of the show if he had known about it, Trump fired Kardashian over the offense, sparing country singer Clint Black despite a mediocre outing as his team's project manager.

In 2006, Trump made headlines when he decided to give Conner a second chance and not strip her of her Miss USA crown when photos of her engaging in underage drinking and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse surfaced.  After completing a rehab program, Connors later acknowledged she was an alcoholic who had drunk her first drink at age 14 and also used drugs.

Trump continued to support Connors even after the admission.  In 2007, he cast her as the "unofficial peer advisor" to Miss Universe Riyo Mori, Miss USA Rachel Smith, and Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz when they starred in Pageant Place, an MTV docu-reality series that was produced by Trump's Trump Productions television production company.

Last year, he cast her as the "visiting instructor" in The Girls of Hedsor Hall, a new Charm School-like reality series he produced for MTV.  The Girls of Hedsor Hall  -- an American adaptation of a British reality series called Lady or a Tramp -- premiered on MTV in February.

"It wasn't because of my work ethic, it wasn't because I was slacking -- it was because of my DUI, one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made that I will forever regret," Kardashian wrote about her elimination.

"I will never say that what I did was right, but I think it is completely unrelated to my place on the show and I don't think I should have been fired for that reason alone. I have tried to bring awareness to how serious DUI's are and I am trying to make some right out of my huge mistake."

She added that "what's done is done" and called the show a "great experience," but also noted that her time on the NBC reality show had given her a new appreciation for how much she enjoys working on her family's own Keeping up with the Kardashians E! reality series.

"Filming [The] Celebrity Apprentice gave me a whole new outlook on Keeping Up. I adore working with my family and this just made it all that much clearer to me.

Following her ouster, she also revealed who she was pulling for to go all the way and win the competition.
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"In all honesty, I'm rooting for Natalie Gulbis and Joan Rivers to go all the way," Kardashian said. "I guess we'll all have to wait and see who makes it."

Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian also added her own two cents regarding the matter in a blog posting of own.

"I was a little disappointed at how she was given the boot!" she wrote. "Trump fired her after saying he'd lost respect for her because she previously had a DUI. She obviously made an awful mistake but definitely has taken responsibility for her actions and we are all very proud of her."

Kim added that she was proud of her sister and also felt that her firing "had nothing to do with her work ethic or her performance on the show."