Khloe Kardashian is reportedly desperately trying to get Lamar Odom into a rehab program for his substance abuse issues, but he's refusing to cooperate.

After Odom was photographed in an Irish pub late Saturday night drinking with two male friends only five months after experiencing a near-fatal drug overdose, sources close to the still-married couple insist Kardashian is trying to convince Odom to seek treatment, TMZ reported.

Odom, 36, allegedly refuses to deal with his addiction demons though, telling Kardashian that he's only interested in completing physical rehab.

Kardashian, 31, even offered an outpatient program for Odom to address the problem, but according to TMZ, the former NBA star shot that idea down as well.

Kardashian is not alone in this battle, as Odom's family is also reportedly hoping he'll change his ways. The sources claim several relatives have pointed out Odom's father has addiction issues so it can run in the family. And Odom's two children are also reportedly worried they'll lose contact with their dad again.

Kardashian has been telling her friends and family there will probably come a time when "she has to stop trying" to save Odom.

Odom "downed" three Remy Martin drinks -- the same liquor he was drinking in the Nevada brothel the night of his October overdose -- at Johnny O'Brien pub. He stayed until about 1AM on Sunday, according to TMZ, hours before going to Easter mass with the Kardashians. Insiders say Odom believes he can "casually drink" without consequences.

However, a source told Entertainment Tonight, "He should not be consuming any alcohol right now, and was told that by his medical team. He's still going to rehab treatments. He does a lot of cognitive rehab mostly. He still hasn't fully gotten all his memories and motor skills back yet."

Kardashian posted a cryptic tweet early Tuesday morning although it's unclear whether she was talking about Odom's situation.

"I hate this feeling.... Helpless," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wrote hours after photos of Odom at the pub surfaced.