Kenny Layne is a man with many sides and layers, and he's still in the running for Rachel Lindsay's heart on The Bachelorette.

Kenny is a 35-year-old professional wrestler from Las Vegas, NV, who revealed to Rachel on the show he also previously worked as a Chippendales dancer.

Kenny is outgoing, funny and handsome, but he's found himself at the center of drama on the show. Kenny already got into a heated argument with Lee Garrett, and according to previews for next week's big two-night event, the pair are going to duke it out again during a group date in South Carolina.

Will Kenny's temper cost him love and a future with Rachel, or will she view him as a hero in the situation against Lee, who comes across as a bit of a troublemaker? Fans can certainly look forward to a two-on-one date showdown next week.

Below is a list of 8 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Kenny Layne:

- Kenny's pro wrestling name is "Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King," and he's a one-time ROH World Tag Team Champion.

- The Bachelorette suitor has an absolutely beautiful 10-year-old daughter named McKenzie, whom he describes as his reason for living.

- At the beginning of the season, Chris Harrison called Kenny a "playboy" with a lot of "swag," adding however, that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover in this case.

- Kenny is a great cook and loves to make healthy meals. He doesn't think a woman should settle for a man who needs to order take-out every night for dinner.

- Kenny has three tattoos: The word "caveman" on the left side of his chest in honor of his best friend Joe Dixon, who died in 2003; a cross on his right bicep with the name "Chris" in it for his younger brother who died in 1988; and the Chinese symbol for "fearless" on his left shoulder.

- The 6'0" bachelor would have lunch with The Rock if he could choose one person in the world to dine with because Kenny believes they are very similar.

- Kenny's favorite actor is Denzel Washington because of his power-screen presence and complete emotional control.

- The most romantic gift Kenny has ever given was a different Edible Arrangement every day of the woman's birthday week.