Kendall Jenner is trying to relax ahead of her upcoming hosting gig alongside sister Kylie Jenner at the the Much Music Video Awards.

Fresh off her Billboard Music Awards teleprompter flub -- in which Kendall had trouble reading her lines while presenting a band -- the 18-year-old model and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star opened up about to the Canadian Press about her first time hosting an award show.

"We don't want to think too much about it. If we think too much about it, we'll get really nervous and work ourselves up. We're just relaxing and getting excited," she said.

Asked about their plans for the show, Kendall only said they wanted to "make it fun."

"This is obviously our first time, and we're not perfect, so we just want to have fun with it and do the best we can," she said.

Kylie added later that she's the most excited to watch New Zealand singer, Lorde, perform.

"I missed Lorde at Coachella so I really wanted to see her, so I can't wait to see her," said the 16-year-old reality star.

The MMVAs will be held Sunday outside the CTV headquarters in Toronto and broadcasted on Much and CTV.