Two Idols at the same time proved to be one too many for Fox. As the hugely successful American Idol 2 approaches its May conclusion, the New York Post reports that Fox has pushed back the release date of the American Idol movie, starring Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, the winner and runner-up in the first American Idol contest, and entitled simply From Justin to Kelly.

The movie had been scheduled to debut in late April, but release has now been moved back to June 13. A Fox spokesperson claims that the delay is intended to hold the movie until "all the audience is available, when kids are out of school,"

In the meantime, the movie's promotional Web site is up and includes a copy of the movie poster as well as a blurb discussing Kelly and Justin's "fairytail rise to superstardom" in "this spring's biggest beach party."

We wish Kelly and Justin luck in their movie debut, but we remember that they were the winners of a singing contest, not an acting or a dancing contest. We only hope that they remembered as well.