A TV watchdog group has slammed Ke$ha for drinking her own urine.

The Parents Television Council has blasted Ke$ha and MTV for broadcasting an episode of Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life on Tuesday night which featured the wild artist drinking her own urine.

"If given the opportunity, I can't imagine that parents would want to pay for a cable network that airs an episode of a pop star drinking her own urine, and that is why Congress needs to take seriously the idea of giving consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want," PTC president Tim Winter said in a press release.

Winter is trying to rally fellow PTC members to lobby elected officials to pass a Cable Choice bill that would allow TV viewers to choose the specific programming they wish to pay cable providers for. 

Added Winter, "Before critics say that parents can just 'change the channel,' they miss the larger point. It is an outrage that this kind of disgusting, vile content is being subsidized by each and every cable subscriber."

Winter wrote that Ke$ha's behavior should be an example of how there's "needed change" in the law.

"We should all have the ability to choose and pay for only the channels we want to watch, but the cable industry won't let that happen without a fight," he explained.

According to E! News, Ke$ha drank her own pee out of an empty water bottle in attempt to get in "kickass shape" for her new music video because she heard it's good for your health.