Kate Gosselin admits she made a lot of mistakes in her past but feels she's become an entirely new person in recent years post-reality TV.

"I made so many mistakes, of course," the former Kate Plus 8 star told People, referring to her dramatic television history and former diva-like behavior that might've led to her current unemployment. 

Gosselin also reflected on her marriage and highly publicized split with ex-husband Jon Gosselin -- including the couple's 2009 scandal in which Jon allegedly cheated, multiple custody disputes over the couple's eight children, and battles over their finances. 

"It feels like a whole other lifetime ago," Kate told the magazine. "And sometimes I don't even remember much of it. Both when the babies were first born and during the divorce, I was on survival mode. I feel like I've lived two lifetimes already. I'm not the same person I was... I don't even recognize her."

TLC announced it was canceling Kate Plus 8 -- which began as Jon & Kate Plus 8 in 2007 before being relaunched as Kate Plus 8 in 2010 following the pair's 2009 divorce -- in August 2011, which "freaked out" Kate at the time.

And now that the single mother is out of the limelight and off-camera, money has apparently become tighter for her large family.

"I'm living very carefully these days," Kate told People, adding that she has made ends meet in the past couple of years by "piecing and patching together" income from a variety of projects.

"To not have a reliable income is scary."

While Kate seems to be going through some humbling experiences, Jon is still making headlines for less positive reasons.