Kanye West has been open about the fact he's often behind Kim Kardashian's wardrobe and sexy image, but he's reportedly taken things so far that his wife has lost her sense of individuality and self-esteem.

On top of the couple's highly-publicized May 24 nuptials and a honeymoon spent perfecting an Instagram photo of their first kiss as man and wife, West only brags about Kardashian's appearance and impressive "brand." As a result, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has developed an unhealthy obsession, OK! Weekly reported.

"All Kanye ever mentions about her are her looks, hailing her as a 'work of art,'" a source told OK! of the lack of depth in the couple's relationship.

"You'll never hear him talk about how they unwind together or their favorite restaurants and movies. His only concern is that Kim stays beautiful and that she keeps her monetary empire strong."

Kardashian, 33, has therefore become a perfectionist in regards to her looks, seemingly due to insecurities West has been breeding in her mind for the last two-plus years. For example, Kardashian, who began dating the 37-year-old rapper in April 2012, had a tiny scar removed from her big toe.

"Between the high-end beauty products, Botox and fillers, Kim spends thousands of dollars a month on her appearance just to live up to Kanye's unrealistic expectations. She even lets him inspect her body once a week for imperfections and immediately books an appointment with a plastic surgeon if he decides something needs to be fixed. She's become a doll for him," explained the source.

"She has no voice in their relationship, and the fact that she allows Kanye to treat her like a puppet is creepy."

West's infatuation with outer beauty also translates into Kardashian's daily wardrobe. West either picks out clothes for his wife or reportedly must approve every ensemble she attempts to leave the house in.

"He'll spend hours dressing her up like his personal mannequin, and it's something she happily agrees to," the source told OK!, adding that if West cannot be in her presence to make such decisions, she'll send him photos in order to receive his blessing.

Back in June, West apparently advised Kardashian to wear a cleavage-baring black long-sleeve blazer out in public.

"Kim wasn't comfortable wearing the heavy jacket out on a summer day, but Kanye insisted, even instructing her to keep it buttoned, since that's how he thought it looked best," said the source.

Kardashian is now reportedly more obsessed than ever with how she's portrayed in the media. She even bugged a paparazzo recently, asking on June 27 if she could see the photos taken of her to confirm they're flattering. The incident occurred as Kardashian was heading to her sister Khloe's birthday party.

Whether love is the foundation of this couple's relationship remains in question.
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"All their conversations are about fashion and their appearances. It's unbelievable the length that these two will go to in order to stay in the spotlight," added the source.

"Their biggest concern is public perception. They want to be known as royalty."

Kardashian and West have a one-year-old daughter named North West together. She was welcomed into the world on June 15 of last year.

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