Kanye West has one person left on his bucket list of whom he'd like to work with, and in the process of explaining his ever-expanding creativity, the rapper compared himself to Disney, Michelangelo and a police officer.

"I want to create everything that's on my mind... [My clothing line] is basically like the post-Internet Disney. I can also create plays, new films... I got two Broadway shows in mind. Bottom line, I can do it," West said during a recent appearance on the syndicated radio show Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo.

"But when I meet with Disney, they just say, 'Your brand doesn't fit our brand.' And I say, 'Make it another brand but allow me to create, because I'm great. I'm great like Michelangelo. I'm great like Disney. I'm great... I'm a producer, I'm like Disney.'"

West repeated he just wants to collaborate with Walt Disney, the Disney corporation.

"I couldn't care less [where founder Walt Disney is]. I just want to get my hands on that Disney Imagineering studio and make some dope stuff for ya'll. I can imagine [it] and that's what keeps me up at night while I'm turning up... I don't create in a metaphorical [way]. I create like a three-year-old, like, 'This is my drawing,'" West explained.

"When I say creative genius, I don't say it as a compliment to me. I say that as a plague. I say it is a plague -- to have all these ideas and not be able to get them out... That's painful. And to meet with the people that could give you the opportunity, but because they read something in the press that day, they can't see past the press."

West also compared his life to serving as a soldier or police officer in that he faces danger all the time.

"I'm just giving of my body on the stage; I'm putting my life at risk, literally! When I think about when I'm on the 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' and 'Coldest Winter' moment, like that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped on my leg, You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I'm like, 'Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, or in war or something. You're literally going out to do your job every day, knowing that something could happen," West told Romeo.

"Something can happen to you verbally from the press, you know, bashing you. Something could happen to you by people not liking you anymore because of your records. You could actually slip on that stage. It's like we're walking this tightrope and fighting for [what's] creative and fighting for ideas and fighting for thought. I'll explain to my daughter [North] one day, that me and her mother [Kim Kardashian], we had to fight for this position that we'll finally have."

West also explained after watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, he couldn't help but relate the concept to his own experiences and career.

"I'm having to maintain and keep my family strong throughout the amount of public perception that's working for it and against it at all times... There were all these contestants over the years that have won [the games] and they've all been quiet, but there's this one [Katniss Everdeen] that won and wanted to turn up, and that's what I feel like," West said during the radio appearance.

"I'm a modernist, and that's the reason why I get in trouble so much, because I can see what the truth is. I make decisions based off my eyes and not with my ears and I just say it."
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West -- who's currently engaged to Kardashian and performing in his Yeezus tour -- added that his music is "the art of the truth in an untruth world" and he'd rather call his so-called rants "visionary stream of consciousness" instead.