Rapper Twista has penned an open letter to his once frequent collaborator Kanye West following his hospitalization.

"I woke up this morning and i felt the need to prayer for those who might not have a voice to pray," the Chicago native wrote on FakeShoreDrive before going into how stressful the music business can be.

"The music business is all about profit and elevation, the more hotter you are the more money you make, the longer your career lasts. The only catch to that is no one stays hot forever, no one can be new over and over again, so now you have the pressure from your fans, record label, friends,family, bill collectors, and the media to keep making hot music and never get old," he continued.

"So today I pray for my man Kanye, and I ask everyone to do the same too, wanting help doesn't show weakness, it actually shows character and it lets people know you too are you human and you too have feelings too. When the provider needs help, who can the provider turn too?"

"No one is perfect when it comes down to living life in general, so this morning I pray my homie. I pray that Kanye finds that one thing that money and fame can't buy. #APeaceofMind Chicago Loves you bro," Twista concluded.

West was hospitalized for exhaustion 24 hours after canceling his Saint Pablo tour following days of attention-grabbing rants on stage where he mentioned having issues with Jay Z, Beyonce and that he would have voted for Donald Trump.

Twista's comments come after a collection of other fellow celebrities shared their good wishes on social media including Janelle Monae, Emile Hirsch and Marlon Wayans among others.