Dancing with the Stars professional Julianne Hough has reiterated her brother Derek Hough's recent comments that she may not be back dancing with Hannah Montana star Cody Linley -- assuming he manages to survive tonight's results show broadcast -- next week.

"I want to be back this [coming] week, but it may be another week just because we don't want anything to rupture or the stitches to fly out," Hough told E! News on Tuesday.

Hough also divulged that her surgery -- which happening last Tuesday after she and Linley had performed on Dancing with the Stars' Monday night performance show -- ended up being more a bit more complicated than had been initially expected. In addition to removing her appendix and cysts from her left ovary, Hough told E! that additional cysts from her bladder and other areas in the pelvic region were also removed.

However, Hough also said that if any good has come out of the entire ordeal, it has been the strengthening of her relationship with boyfriend Chuck Wicks, who has been at her side throughout the process.

"When somebody can take care of you, and really care to take care of you, instead of someone taking care of you because you have to, you can tell they're a keeper," she told E!.
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