Julia Sokolowski is taking Survivor: Kaoh Rong castaways Scot Pollard and Kyle Jason's side in the debate of whether the two guys were bullies this season.

Since the beginning of the game, the public perception has been that Scot and Jason are bullies. It all started with their behavior on the original Brawn tribe, when the two guys brutally trash-talked Alecia Holden, whom they called "Blondie," both to her face and behind her back about her alleged lack of intelligence and skills.

Neal Gottlieb said there was definitely a "bully mentality" at camp when he was still in the game, explaining that castaways were fearful of being questioned or criticized -- and ultimately deemed untrustworthy or shady -- for simply getting up to go to the bathroom or do a chore. Debbie Wanner then insisted Scot and Jason are bullies beyond anything Survivor has ever seen in its 32-season history.

Scot and Jason's behavior only worsened when their former Brawn ally Cydney Gillon flipped on them and joined a girls' alliance. The two guys, along with Tai Trang, therefore sabotaged the girls' ability to eat by putting out their fires and hiding the tribe's machete and ax.

Julia, however, made a connection with Scot and therefore attempted to play both sides. Considering some viewers simply argue Scot and Jason were just tough players who dealt with the conditions and circumstances of a high-stress game the best they could, Julia offered up her opinion.

Below is the statement Julia exclusively provided to Reality TV World on the "bully" discussion:

I personally love Jason and Scot. I think they are -- I really admire the way that they respect and treat their families. And you know, they had some actions in the game that weren't respectful or respectable, and they made some moves that really, really turned people off.

It wasn't only that, but I'm the kind of person that when someone is aggressive and does these villainous things, I'm just going to step back and look at it from, 'Okay, I'm trying to understand their game perspective on that move. Why are they doing this? Can I see that?'

Whereas a lot of the other women seriously took it so personally, and it really ruined their relationship... I mean, from my perspective, Scot and Jason weren't bullies at all. They were wonderful.

And, you know, I had a really interesting relationship with Scot and Jason. I never in a million years thought that I would ever bond with people like them, but you know, they both have daughters.

And one of Scot's daughters is not that much younger than I am, so we had this father/daughter relationship. And we had this -- as crazy as it sounds -- I really looked at them for wisdom when I really needed that parental support.