Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell just recently split, but Galavis apparently would've ended it a while ago had it not been for the perks of their high-profile relationship.

The 33-year-old former The Bachelor star and pro soccer player stuck with Ferrell as long as he did only because he capitalized on their fame and wanted to "spite all the haters who thought they would break up," Us Weekly reported.

"The main reason Juan stayed with Nikki was to spite [others]... and to stay relevant so he could promote himself," a source told Us. "Juan wants to be a soccer or baseball commentator, and also a manager for high-profile Latin athletes."

Ferrell, a 28-year-old Kansas City native, reportedly dumped Galavis because she was extremely invested in the relationship and he barely met her halfway. Their dynamic became obvious to the public when they appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn together.

"Juan did say 'I love you' to Nikki, but only a couple of times," the source said. "She wanted [him] to say it every time they spoke, and he couldn't do that."

According to another source, the distance between the couple didn't help either, as Galavis currently resides in Miami, FL, and "everything Nikki wanted, he didn't. She wanted to settle down and he didn't."

Galavis selected Ferrell at the end of his journey on The Bachelor but didn't propose or even say, "I love you" to the pediatric nurse -- despite her repeated expression of love -- in the finale episode, which aired in March and taped in Fall 2013.

"They were not seeing eye to eye on anything," an insider told the magazine. "Juan wanted Nikki in Miami. Nikki didn't want to leave her family, friends, or job. Meanwhile, Juan wouldn't even consider going to Kansas... She couldn't get him to compromise at all."