Juan Pablo Galavis apparently doesn't feel any pity for the bachelorettes who believe they got a bad edit during Monday night's The Bachelor premiere.

On the heels of eliminated bachelorette Kylie Lewis insisting to different media outlets that producers had intentionally embarrassed her and set her up to fail, Galavis suggested he's just not buying it and could really care less.

"Well, it's been one episode, so I saw the same that you see -- the special, the casting part, whenever they get out of the limo," Galavis told E! News' Catt Sadler and Ali Fedotowsky on Wednesday.

"So if they didn't portray themselves as they have to portray themselves, that's not our problem. It's [the girls'] problem, you know, I was myself. I did whatever I wanted to do when I was on the other show [The Bachelorette, with Desiree Hartsock]. I didn't do whatever I didn't want to do on the other show, and that was it. So I wouldn't complain at all."

In terms of what's to come this season on The Bachelor's eighteenth season, Galavis gave Sadler and Fedotowsky -- who previously starred in the sixth season of The Bachelorette -- little to work with.

"It's going to be different," Galavis said. "I had a blast."

The E! News hosts also asked Galavis a variety of silly questions. In the process, Galavis admitted he sleeps naked as long as "it's not too cold" and he no longer has six-pack abs because he's recently been "eating a lot" and "enjoying life."

In addition, when the 32-year-old single father was asked whether he's kissed a girl in the last week, Galavis replied, "I'm not telling you... Yes, my daughter."

The next The Bachelor episode will air on Monday, January 13 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.