Josh Martinez is in a great position on Big Brother's nineteenth season, and some fans are probably surprised he made it this far.

Josh is a 23-year-old in haircare sales from Miami, FL, who currently resides in Homestead, FL.

Because of his big personality, Josh expected to be an early target and his fellow houseguests anticipated he'd be one of the first evictees; however, Josh managed to paint bigger and brighter targets on other players' backs week to week.

Josh is a hothead who has gotten into huge arguments with Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen and more. Some viewers have even called him a bully.

Are the houseguests keeping Josh around because they consider him a close friend or someone they could definitely beat in the end? Will Josh's aggressive gameplay affect his chances of winning the $500,000?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Josh Martinez:

- Josh has been a huge fan of Big Brother since Season 14. He said he didn't go on the show for fame or notoriety; He just wanted the money.

- The BB houseguest is always up for crazy times and adventures, as he considers himself an adrenaline junkie.

- Josh, who calls himself reactive and impulsive, grew up in the business industry and says he can pick out a liar, snake and manipulator with ease.

- The greatest accomplishment of his life was obtaining his Bachelor's degree from college.

- Josh enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, reading, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, and having new experiences.

- If Josh could have taken three things into the Big Brother house with him, he would've picked a cell phone to stay connected with the world, his mom to cook and clean for him, and his brother or sister so they could raise hell together.

- Josh's life motto is to play hard, work hard and live life the way you want.

- Josh's first language was Spanish, and at home, he lives with 10 people and five dogs.

- His favorite Big Brother player of all time is "Evel" Dick Donato from Season 8 because Josh says he always spoke his mind, was an "assh-le" when he needed to be, didn't care what others thought of him, and always defended his daughter.

- Josh is so proud to be from Miami because it reminds him of Cuba -- the culture, food, beautiful women, music, and more.