Joan Rivers was buried on September 7 at New York City's Temple Emanu-El in a funeral that was apparently "a showbiz affair" just as the comedian would've wanted.

In her 2012 memoir I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me, Rivers -- who passed away late last week at the age of 81 following a "routine" outpatient throat procedure -- discussed how she envisioned her funeral by calling it a "showbiz affair with lights, cameras, and action," according to Us Weekly.

And that it was.

After the Joan & Melissa: Joan Know Best? star was cremated on Saturday, massive amounts of celebrities gathered at a temple by 11AM the next day to pay their respects.

The stars reportedly included Howard Stern, Sarah Jessica Parker, Donald Trump and his wife, Donald Trump Jr., Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O'Donnell, Mario Cantone, Kristin Chenoweth, Sally Jesse Raphael, Chuck Scarborough, Hota Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford, Andy Cohen, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Ross, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Geraldo Rivera, Alicia Quarles, Barbara Walters, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, and Billy Bush.

Although many attendees cried, Rivers didn't want her ceremony to be filled with sob stories, Us reported, so people instead shared their happy memories and jokes. Rivers' daughter Melissa, 46, was even onboard with that approach.

According to the New York Times, Stern gave a very flattering speech about Rivers' comedy career and strength as a woman.

"She did everything on her own terms," Stern reportedly said at the funeral. "She fought the stereotypes that women can't be funny, they should stay in their place, stay home. Courageously, she fought to save her family after her husband's suicide; she fought to rebuild her career after Johnny banned her from The Tonight Show and the Fox show was canceled."

Fans reportedly shouted their love for Rivers on the street and the celebrities showed up dressed in black with colorful accents, similar to a red carpet event. A bagpipe player performed and Audra McDonald and Hugh Jackman sang a couple of the Fashion Police host's favorite songs. White gardenias, Rivers' favorite flower, decorated the temple, according to Us.

Rivers had previously won The Celebrity Apprentice's second season in 2009.
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