Jessica Johnston isn't afraid to mix business with pleasure on Season 35 of Survivor dubbed Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Jessica is a 29-year-old nurse practitioner from Cape Girardeau, MO, who currently resides in Louisville, KY. She started off the season as a member of the Healers tribe called "Soko," but a recent swap left her on the "Yawa" tribe with a mix of Healers, Hustlers and Heroes.

Jessica's new tribe advantageously features two more original Healers -- her love interest Cole Medders and her close and trustworthy ally Mike "Dr. Mike" Zahalsky. Jessica has a huge crush on Cole, but he has disappointed her a couple of times by spilling her secrets.

Jessica is playing to win, so she may gather the courage to cut Cole loose, especially since his behavior is annoying other castaways as well. It will be interesting to see whether Jessica sticks with Cole through thick and thin or decides to advance on her own.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Jessica Johnston:

- If Jessica could describe herself in three words, she would choose tenacious, congenial and adventurous.

- Jessica prides herself on being extremely physically and mentally resilient as well as disciplined. She is driven by failures, challenges and goals, and she does not react solely on "good feelings."

She also has a Type A personality but is a super-social optimist likely to be called Miss Congeniality of Survivor.

- Her personal claim to fame was obtaining her doctorate in Nursing before the age of 28 and creating a health and wellness brand "Belovist."

- Jessica considers herself most like the former Survivor castaway Andrea Boehlke because they are both likeable and able to entertain a crowd. She can relate to thinking that the world is at her fingertips.

- Her parents are her inspiration in life because they've dedicated their lives to helping others and excelled in both education and their careers. They showed her what true love means.

- Jessica is a devout Christian and virgin, and she also considers herself a gym rat.