Jesse Csincsak's upcoming wedding will apparently be of the shotgun variety.

The 28-year-old fourth-season The Bachelorette star -- who got engaged to DeAnna Pappas at the conclusion of her The Bachelorette edition in 2008 -- has announced he and new fiancee Ann Lueders are having a baby.

"We're about to tell my parents that we're getting married and we're having a baby!" Csincsak gushed in a video released by Radar Online on Tuesday.  "They're going to be psyched, they can't wait to be grandparents."

Csincsak got engaged to Lueders -- a thirteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette -- on August 6 and had previously released footage of his proposal, which took place on a small Lake Erie island near his Amhearst, OH hometown, to Radar Online last week.

In addition to showing the couple sharing their engagement and pregnancy news with his parents, the new video also features Csincsak announcing they are expecting a boy they plan to name Noah Csincsak and visiting a local jeweler to purchase wedding rings.

"We're four months pregnant!" Csincsak said in the video as he showed his parents an ultrasound image.

The couple plan to wed on August 28 in Las Vegas.

"We hope to see you at our wedding -- Rumor Hotel, Las Vegas, August 28," Csincsak said in the video's conclusion.

Lueders, a 26-year-old former flight attendant from Phoenix, AZ, was one of the 25 bachelorettes who appeared on Jason Mesnick's The Bachelor edition in 2008.  Mesnick eliminated her on the first night during the Rose Ceremony which followed the season's initial cocktail party.

Lueders and Csincsak -- who broke up with Pappas in November 2008 and then dated twelfth-season The Bachelorette bachelorette Holly Durst afterwards -- met when they both attended a The Bachelor/The Bachelorette reunion cruise to Mexico last year.

Ironically, Pappas and Durst both also recently got engaged.