Falling victim to the week's surprise double eviction, Jennifer Vasquez was voted out of CBS' Big Brother 6 less than 48 hours after her Head of Household reign that had resulted in the eviction of America's Choice returnee Kaysar Ridha had ended.

Jennifer, along with Maggie Ausburn, had been nominated for eviction Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother 6's newly crowned Head of Household, during Thursday's live broadcast in which host Julie Chen had informed the houseguests of the double eviction twist.

After winning the Power of Veto competition, Janelle decided to remove Maggie from the chopping block and replace her with Ivette Corredero -- a move that she felt would ensure that James Rhine and Beau Beasley, Ivette's two closest allies, would vote to evict Jennifer.

Sometime on Friday, Jennifer was evicted from the Big Brother 6 house via a 5-1 vote (with only April Lewis, her now not-so secret partner, voting for her to remain.) Since, unlike all of the Big Brother 6's previous evictions, Jennifer's eviction wasn't broadcast live, the move resulted in the show's live Internet feeds being blocked until the eviction aired as part of CBS's pre-taped Saturday night Big Brother 6 broadcast.

Once Jennifer was evicted, the competition to determine the show's eighth Head Of Household was held. At the end of the ten question "On The House" quiz competition, Beau and James were tied for first place with two correct answers each. Buzzing in first, Beau correctly answered the tiebreaker question, making him the Head Of Household for the first time.