Jennifer Lopez apparently hasn't made a decision yet as to whether she'll return to American Idol's twelfth-season judging panel despite recent reports claiming she's already made up her mind and has no plans to sign on for a third season.

"I've gotta ask you about American Idol, because a lot of people want to know what your plans may be. You've said you've thought about it but you're not sure what you're doing just yet. Are you any closer to making a decision on another season -- your third?" Today show news anchor Natalie Morales asked Lopez during a Thursday morning interview.

"Yeah, it's been on my mind a lot as you can imagine. I signed on to do American Idol for just the one year and I wound up doing the two years, and now, it's like, 'Okay, do we continue on with the journey?' I loved it so much. I enjoyed the show so much. I enjoy just the whole process of the show and the whole thing," Lopez explained.

"And so, it's a tough decision either way, but I have to say that there are so many other things that I do and put on hold for that. At the end of the day, which ever way, it's a heart-breaking decision if I'm going to have to go."

However, Lopez's subsequent comments suggested she's leaning more towards leaving American Idol than staying with the show.

"It sounds like you're making up your mind. It sounds like you're really going to leave," Morales pointed out.

"Little by little, I am," Lopez said with an uncomfortable laugh.

"You are! Everybody loved you there!" Morales noted.

"No, everybody wants that definite yes or no, and all I can let you in on is my thought process with it, because that's where I truly am. And the truth is, I love everybody. I love all the guys on the show. I love the family that's there. Like I've said, I've just enjoyed it so much," Lopez explained.

"But I'm thinking that maybe it's time for me to go and do other things that I really love to do, like films. And right now, I'm on tour and performing -- and all the things that I do. So this has been a great journey, but at the same time -- but then again, I really love the show! So all I can tell you is what I'm thinking."

American Idol reportedly may be switching up its lineup of judges, as it's not confirmed whether Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson will return to the show for another edition in addition to Lopez.