reports that several former self-proclaimed reality television "hot chicks" began making their Off-Broadway debuts in "Pieces (of Ass)," starting July 10 at Theatre 80 in New York City.

The work, which opened July 13 and plays through August 3, will guest star Trishelle Cannatella (MTV's "Real World"), Krista Allen ("Baywatch"), Kirsten Buschbacher (ABC's "The Bachelor"), Carol Grow (FHM's "100 Most Beautiful Women") Lori Heuring ("Mulholland Drive,” "The In-Crowd") and Playboy covergirl Jenna Morasca (CBS' “Survivor: The Amazon” winner).

Conceived and directed by Brian Howie, the "Pieces (of Ass)" production features "a series of original monologues from a rotating cast of beautiful women, all dealing with themes uniquely common to the physically blessed female; the perks and privileges, the problems and pressures." "Heartbreaking and hilarious, provocative and perplexing, these pieces go beneath the façade, behind the velvet rope, and beyond the mirror to examine the concept of 'hot chick angst.'" The program also features live female DJ's and filmed companion pieces.

The guest star schedule is: Trishelle Cannatella (July 10-13), Krista Allen (July 13), Kirsten Buschbacher (July 15-17), Carol Grow (July 25-27), Lori Heuring (July 25-27) and Jenna Morasca (July 27 and 29). Tickets can be purchased online at