Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestley apparently believes there's a world of difference between supporting a friend participating in a reality series and actually doing it himself.

"I'm still fighting against the whole reality TV trend.  I can't just buy into," Priestley recently told Canada's Jam! Showbiz entertainment news website.  "Now, if I know somebody on one of these shows, I'll watch it.  But to actually do it?  I can't really see myself going that route."

The reason Priestley likely stopped short of outlawing all reality programming as well as those who appear on it is because two of his 90210 buddies are currently starring in reality series.  Ian Ziering is one of the four remaining celebrity participants in Dancing with the Stars' fourth season on CBS, while Tori Spelling recently saw her Tori & Dean: Inn Love reality series get renewed by Oxygen for a second season, which is scheduled to air this summer.

Priestley was recently in the studio audience at a Dancing with the Stars' performance episode along with Spelling and fellow ex-90210 star Jennie Garth to cheer for Ziering.

"Here's the thing about Ian - he is so ultra-competitive," Priestley told Jam!.  "He's not a guy who played team sports or organized sports when he was a kid.  So as an adult he's really competitive.  He's taking this all really seriously, which is very funny.  But he's doing great.  I'm happy for him and he's excited about it."

Still, Priestley made it clear he has no intentions of becoming the second former star of 90210 to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

"Not a chance," he told Jam!.