Jasmine Goode reportedly competed on The Bachelor with a secret that eventually ate her up inside.

Goode, a 29-year-old pro basketball dancer from San Francisco, CA, memorably emerged from a limo on Night 1 with the show's famous jeweler, Neil Lane, at her side.

While it appeared Goode and The Bachelor star Nick Viall met each other for the first time that evening, Viall might've heard about her before.

Before filming The Bachelor's currently-airing 21st season, Goode "slept with a friend of Nick's," a show insider told Us Weekly.

Because of the bachelorette's history with Viall's circle of friends, she reportedly "got in her head," according to the insider, especially after the 36-year-old former software salesman eliminated Liz Sandoz, a woman with whom he once had sex.

Goode eventually "loses her sh-t," said The Bachelor source. "She becomes super aggressive."

It sounds like the 5'7" former Golden State Warriors dancer came down with a bad case of paranoia.

"So when she freaks out, it's because she feels like she has a target on her back," the show source told the magazine, which deemed Goode "the loose cannon" in Viall's group of ladies.

"It gets awkward -- but not nearly as awkward as Nick and Liz."

Viewers haven't seen much of Goode so far other than the fact she has great dance moves and seemingly can't stand Corinne Olympios, the season's villain. To learn more about Goode, click here.

Viall seems to appreciate a woman who can challenge him and stand up for herself, but at the same time, he immediately sent Dominique Alexis packing when she accused him of not giving her a fair chance and ignoring her.