Jasmine Goode and Matt Munson finally hashed out their issues on Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but that doesn't mean the face-to-face conversation was easy for Jasmine.

Jasmine first sat down with Chris Harrison in front of an audience to talk about the fallout of her romance with Matt on Bachelor in Paradise in which he had quit the show after giving her a sympathy rose at the second Rose Ceremony of Season 4.

"[Footage] looked like he was giving me signs [he wasn't into me] and I was ignoring the signs, but he really didn't give me signs," Jasmine told Chris in an emotional state since she had developed strong feelings for Matt on the show.

"If he just said, like, 'Hey, Jas, me and you are two different people and this isn't working out,' I would've been like, 'Cool, see you later!' I could accept that. If you're feeling a certain way, tell me!"

Jasmine said Matt's failure to communicate with her is what hurts most because they had "amazing chemistry" in Paradise, at least in her mind.

On Bachelor in Paradise this season, Jasmine and Matt hit it off right away and started out strong as a couple, but when production was suspended due to the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson scandal, Matt had time to think about his relationship intentions.

Matt did not see Jasmine during the two-week shutdown, and he said he determined they are "very different" people and there was little hope of them working out in the long run. Matt therefore decided his romance with Jasmine wasn't going to last, and so maybe they should date other people.

Once the couple returned to Mexico, Matt went on a date with Christen Whitney much to Jasmine's dismay. And before both women knew it, Matt removed himself from the drama and chose to leave the resort entirely.

After Jasmine had a little time to speak with Chris on Tuesday night's broadcast, Matt joined the pair onstage.

Jasmine then took an opportunity to call out Matt for "never once saying" they weren't "right for each other" to her face in Paradise. She accused him of only expressing himself in confessionals or to other cast members.

"To some extent, I thought I did tell you that. I wouldn't say 'never.' I did convey something like, 'We should go on other dates. I'm keeping my options open,'" Matt explained.

But Chris chimed in, "I'm just guessing, but 'let's keep options open' doesn't mean 'this option is closed.' That's not the same thing."

Jasmine agreed, saying she was fine with exploring other dating options in Mexico; she instead just wished he had flat out told her that they weren't going to work.

"I should've just said, 'This is the way I feel,' whether you like it or not," admitted Matt, who said he had struggled with similar situations in past relationships. "I own the fact that I should've just told you that as soon as we got back."


Both individuals then agreed that they just aren't meant for each other, and then Chris moved on to his interview with Corinne.

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