Jamie Otis is penning a new memoir all about life, love and her experiences on Married At First Sight and The Bachelor franchise.

Otis' memoir entitled WIFEY 101: Everything I Got Wrong After Finding Mr. Right promises to be "shocking, unflinching and hilarious" and will hit shelves in June 2016.

The book will cover what it was like for Otis, a 29-year-old registered nurse and jewelry designer, to lose love and eventually find a husband on a series of reality dating shows.

After getting dumped by Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor's sixteenth season and then crushed by Chris Bukowski on the third edition of Bachelor Pad, Otis tested her luck with a scientifically-arranged marriage on Season 1 of Married At First Sight.

Otis entered a legally binding marriage with a man she had never met, spoken to or even seen before -- Doug Hehner. After freaking out about not being physically attracted to Hehner, the couple ultimately fell in love and decided to stay husband and wife. They now star on Married at First Sight: The First Year.

Since then, Otis has overcome ups and downs in her marriage as well as traumatic, unresolved issues of her past in regards to a threatening ex-boyfriend and growing up with an absent father and drug-addict mother. When Otis was 19-years-old, she was granted custody of her three little sisters and juggled nursing school with a part-time waitressing job.

Hehner, however, has helped Otis work through her feelings of mistrust and abandonment. And now, she serves as a certified foster parent to help children growing up in similar circumstances.