Jaime Dugan thought she found a Hidden Immunity Idol -- but was unfortunately mistaken -- as the 22-year-old student from Columbia, SC became the seventh castaway eliminated from Survivor: China during last night's broadcast of the long-running CBS reality competition series.

Survivor: China's seventh episode began at the Fei Long camp in the dead of night following the elimination of Sherea Lloyd.  While Tribal Council may have concluded, the bickering between Jean-Robert Bellande, a 36-year-old professional poker player from Las Vegas, NV, and Courtney Yates, a 26-year-old waitress from New York, NY, continued.

"You guys need to resolve it," said Amanda Kimmel, a 23-year-old hiking guide and Miss Montana USA 2005 from Los Angeles, CA.  "It's not something that any of the rest of us can do."

Courtney commented how she felt like Jean-Robert has treated her horribly, and to make matters worse, Todd Herzog, a 22-year-old flight attendant from Pleasant Grove, UT, commended Jean-Robert for the positive strides he's made in the game to this point.

"[Todd and Amanda] suck up to [Jean-Robert]," explained Courtney.  "I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship."

At the Zhan Hu camp, Peih-Gee Law, a 29-year-old jeweler from Marina Del Rey, CA, told James Clement, a 30-year-old grave digger from Lafayette, LA, that she hoped he could trust them now that they stopped throwing challenges.  But James said all he'd noticed is that original Zhan Hu members Peih-Gee; Jaime; and Erik Huffman, a 26-year-old musician from Nashville, TN, are "loyal to each other."

"As long as we all stick together if we merge," said Peih-Gee.

Peih-Gee continued to feed James lines about why he should trust them, however he was focused on the Hidden Immunity Idol at Zhan Hu's camp -- which was attached to an archway.  Once Peih-Gee left James alone so she could go talk to Jaime and Erik about trusting him, James immediately began his attempt to retrieve the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Since James already had the Hidden Immunity Idol from Fei Long's camp (which was given to him by Todd) hidden in his bag, James knew what he was looking for.  The first wooden plaque he retrieved from the archway didn't have the, "Congratulations. You have found the Hidden Immunity Idol," inscription written on the back, so he threw it to the ground before unhinging another plaque and realizing it was the second Idol.

However Erik was returning to camp just as James finished getting the second Hidden Immunity Idol down from the archway, so he never had time to reattach the blank plaque that was similar to the actual Idol.

"I kind of had to hustle off to my bag and hide it, so I didn't have a chance to place the other one back without being too obvious," said James.  "So I have it now. I have it my possession. That's funny... I'm on Survivor with two Idols!"

The next morning, Todd awoke at Fei Long's camp in high spirits but came crashing down when Courtney continued to express her displeasure with Jean-Robert.  After explaining how she didn't feel like Todd and Amanda ever stood-up for her, Courtney added it only makes things worse because it appeared the two also "pandered" to Jean-Robert.  Anticipating the merge and focusing on Fei Long's current two castaway advantage over Zhan Hu, Todd was concerned Courtney might cast a vote for Jean-Robert instead of one of the original Zhan Hu members.

"What does she expect from me?!" expressed an angry Todd.  "Right now I need my numbers and Jean-Robert is one of my numbers... Deal with it bitch!"
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At Zhan Hu, Jaime noticed the discolored space on the archway where the Hidden Immunity Idol once was, and she and Erik discussed how it was "weird" that something appeared to be missing.  Following a quick search of the camp, Erik found the wooden plaque James never had time to re-hang on the archway.  While Erik thought it might be the Hidden Immunity Idol, he was still cautious.

"This used to be hanging on the archway and it looks like someone took it off," commented Erik.  "I don't know if it was James, but he now knows of the Hidden Immunity Idol as well as.  I don't know if he knows where it is, or what it is... But it looks Idol-ish."

Jaime and Erik knew about the Hidden Immunity Idol since Jaime had received a clue when she was kidnapped by Fei Long and received an additional clue when Zhan Hu kidnapped Leslie Nease.  Erik was confident Peih-Gee was unaware of the Hidden Immunity Idol, so he took the plaque he found on the ground and gave it to Jaime, who stashed it in Erik's bag for safe keeping.

"It could definitely say, like, Immunity Idol in Chinese and I would have no idea," commented Jaime.  "It's a weird symbol and I don't know what it stands for."

That night while Peih-Gee and James were out hunting frogs, Jaime decided to go through James' bag to see if what they found was actually a Hidden Immunity Idol.  Erik served as Jaime's watchman. 

"I saw James' bag sitting there and I figured it would be a good idea to look through it because I thought James would have a good idea where the Hidden Immunity Idol was," said Jaime.

It didn't take Jaime long to find a wooden plaque wrapped-up in clothing in James' bag, and she immediately noticed how similar it looked similar to what Erik had found on the ground.  She also found the second Hidden Immunity Idol in James' bag, but didn't seem to completely unwrap either to get a better look at them.

The next morning James, noticed the wooden plaque he had thrown on the ground was no longer there.  After ruling out that an animal came and took it away, James began to think that Jaime or Erik, thinking it was actually a Hidden Immunity Idol, might have grabbed it.

"I think Jaime would have been looking for it," said James, aware she knew a few of the clues.  "But there is no way this dummy grabbed the wrong one, because it would have to say Immunity or something on it!  The thought of this woman having a blank one, I would not be able to take it. I would pass out in pure joy. My head would explode! I swear it! Please let that happen! Please!"

Fei Long and Zhan Hu then met for what they thought was Survivor: China's next Reward Challenge only to learn it was actually time to merge.  Jaime gushed about the merge being "pretty exciting" and added it was a "pretty scary point in the game," but she was able to take some solace in her discovery.

"I'm excited to have the Hidden Immunity Idol and it's going to be a whole new ball game," she said.

Survivor host Jeff Probst then explained that to celebrate the merge, the 10 remaining castaways would enjoy a feast as well as a traditional Chinese acrobat show.  The merged tribe would decorate their new flag and have a new boat waiting for them back at Fei Long's camp, which would be their home.  But because this is Survivor, Jeff offered one of his cryptic warnings before the castaways departed.

"This game never stops," he told them.  "Keep that in mind as you enjoy this afternoon."  

"I was trying to decide what exactly was he trying to say right here... the game never ends?" pondered Jean-Robert, who was quickly sidetracked.  "I put a little thought into it, but I was just so excited to be eating.  Honestly I just couldn't wait until the first course."

The merged tribe than feasted, imbibed in some alcohol and watched the acrobat show, which included a fireworks display and traditional Chinese dancing.  Despite the festivities, Amanda still kept her sights on the competition.

"The first thing I thought when we merged was, 'Who are we going to pick off next?'" wondered Amanda.  "Because even though we are one tribe now -- it's still two tribes -- and it will continue to be that way until all the Zhan Hu members are completely gone."

The castaways then arrived at Fei Long's old camp and began to think of a new tribe name.  But amidst all the bonding, Jean-Robert echoed Amanda's statement that the plan was still to boot the former Zhan Hu members before the former Fei Long tribe started to oust their own.

"The merge doesn't change my gameplan at all," he said.  "Basically the member of Zhan Hu are going to go whether we're merged or not.  I do like my position now... To be honest with you, even though my name was on ballots at the first two Tribal Councils that I was at, I really don't see my name being on the ballot at the next Council."

After the word "black" was settled on as part of the merged tribe's name -- since their new buffs were black (how original) -- the group settled on the name "Hae Da Fung," which translates to "Black Fighting Wind."  With that pleasantry behind them, Peih-Gee assessed the situation she was in, which both James and original Zhan Hu member Michael "Frosti" Zernow, a 20-year-old parkour athlete/student from Chicago, IL, both played a factor in.

"Now that we merged, we are all playing for individual Immunity," she said.  "But there are six original Fei Long members to four original Zhan Hu. The biggest factor is whether I have James and whether I have Frosti. If I can get them both with me on these first two votes, these first two votes are crucial for me to know whether I'm going to be in a powerful position or a real sucky position."

Much to Hae Da Fung's surprise, Jeff then arrived at their new camp.  While Todd and Denise Martin, a 40-year-old school lunch lady from Douglas, MA, seemed excited, nobody else initially paid much attention.

"No welcome?!" asked Jeff.

Once he gathered the castaways, Jeff revealed the new Individual Immunity necklace that Hae Da Fung's members would be competing for at the rest of the Immunity Challenges, the first of which was about to commence in their camp.  Jeff restated the warning he gave after the merge and explained the challenge, which would test the castaways on their recollection of events from the feast and celebration.  It was single elimination -- one wrong answer and you're out -- and the person left at the end would win the first Individual Immunity.

Courtney, Peih-Gee, James and Amanda didn't know fireworks went-off three times during the celebration and were eliminated on the first question.  The six remaining castaways all got the second question right, but Todd, Jean-Robert, Denise and Erik were all eliminated on the third question when they incorrectly identified the color of the pole in the courtyard (it was yellow).

Frosti knew that the four cultural dancers wore nothing on their feet during the celebration, eliminating Jaime and claiming Survivor: China's first Individual Immunity.

"For once, you don't have to go back to camp... You're already here!" said Jeff.  "I'll split.  I'll see you at Tribal Council."

Denise wasn't too pleased with the prospect of having to attend every Tribal Council from here on out, while Peih-Gee realized "the predicament of the day" was that either Jaime, Erik or herself would most likely be voted out.

"Now the big question mark is do we have James' vote," wondered Peih-Gee.  "We don't know if James is on our side.  This is a huge for us tonight because we'll know where everybody's loyalties stand."

James pulled Todd aside and explained what happened during his time at Zhan Hu's camp -- including his belief that Jaime or Erik may have grabbed the wooden plaque thinking it was a Hidden Immunity Idol. 

"Beautiful," said Todd when he heard the news, assuring James that their five-person alliance consisted of Todd, James, Denise, Amanda and Courtney.  James then explained what had happened to Amanda.

"One of them dumb asses has a blank board and thinks it's the [Idol]," he said.  "They really do have a blank board!"

Once he ragged on Jaime and Erik, James and Amanda began to discuss strategy, trying to determine which former Zhan Hu member should go first.  Amanda stated the obvious -- that the former Fei Long can't let Peih-Gee, Erik and Jaime break them up.

"Jaime is the silent leader of the old Zhan Hu tribe.  Definitely," said Amanda.  "She's really close with Erik and by getting rid of Jaime, it will break-up that alliance. Peih-Gee, you can just kind of see through and she is a little devious but Jaime is so threatening because people don't see that right away with Jaime."

Despite having the numbers in their favor, Amanda was still nervous Courtney wouldn't stick to her alliance because she "kind of has a mind of her own" and James described her as a "loose cannon."  After expressing his desire to boot Peih-Gee before Jaime, Jean-Robert attempted to secure his position in the alliance with the former Fei Long members by basically threatening Todd.

"It will be me, you and Amanda," Jean-Robert told Todd about who he wanted in game's the Final 3.  "Oh, one thing also.  If somehow you do end up screwing me over -- in this game or whatever -- and I don't believe that's going to happen, but if I get screwed, I am going to hold you responsible and not Amanda.  Just so you know, and you will never ever see a juror lobby so hard against somebody. You will not win.  If I get screwed, it's going to be on you because I know you have more power than her."

As he's shown before, Todd seems to know what he's doing.

"If I didn't agree to all of his terms, right away all the trust with me and him... He wouldn't trust me anymore.  So he would have moved along and found another alliance and done who know what!" Todd said of his conversation with Jean-Robert.  "So of course I agreed to it all! I was like 'Yeah, we are going to the Top 3.  We're going all the way.  I'm watching your back.' Little does Jean-Robert know... that I am ready to [makes a cutting motion] when I need to."

Jaime and Peih-Gee still wondered where James' allegiances were, but Peih-Gee was certain the former Fei Long members would vote out Jaime because she "looks like a couple" with Erik.  Peih-Gee also seemed aware of the fact that before Sherea was eliminated, she voted with Courtney to eliminate Jean-Robert at the previous Tribal Council.  Peih-Gee and Jaime could only hope Courtney would vote for Jean-Robert again, as they planned to do the same along with Erik. 

But because even with Courtney they would still be outnumbered, Jaime decided to set her sights on getting Frosti on-board with their plan to oust Jean-Robert.  Peih-Gee thought Frosti and Courtney would most likely vote the same way.

"[Frosti] and Courtney are really tight," Peih-Gee whispered to Jaime.  "I think somebody's got a little crush... That worries me."

In an attempt to secure his vote, Jaime approached Frosti and explained she had found one of the Hidden Immunity Idols and how it happened.

"Jaime came up to me with Erik and said she found something that she thought was an Idol," a confused Frosti said.  "Now I've seen the actual Idol from the Fei Long camp, and what she's describing is similar, so there is a possibility she has one.  The worst that would happen would be that Jean-Robert would end up going home if [Jaime] knew to play it."

Todd took a moment to talk with Jaime and find what she was thinking.  Jaime promised to tell Todd who has the Hidden Immunity Idols if he helped keep her in the competition past the upcoming Tribal Council.  While Todd played Jaime's game, he was already well aware that James had both of the Hidden Immunity Idols in his possession.

"Wow, does she have to catch up!" said Todd with a laugh.  "She's on the small bike in the back... peddling as fast as she can."

"I've come to realize that I'm very good at playing stupid and it works to my advantage, so I think I'm going to just stick on with it," said Jaime, unaware she wasn't technically playing stupid.  "If Todd sees me play the Hidden Immunity Idol tonight, he's definitely going to be floored when he sees it come out.  I think it's probably going to shock everyone, including Jeff.  I'm not as dumb as I look and maybe they're figuring it out."

Jean-Robert tried to coax James into his plan of voting out Peih-Gee before Jaime, and James reminded the poker player that the former Fei Long members need to stick together as long as possible.  However Jean-Robert wouldn't let the idea die, and was insistent about voting for Peih-Gee.

"Jean-Robert probably will go home tonight, because Jean-Robert is stupid," said James, who following some initial struggles, seems to have learned a thing or two about the social aspect of Survivor.  "Jean-Robert's dumb ass is going to vote for Peih-Gee even though we all said Jaime... The Zhan Hu people are naturally going to vote for Jean-Robert.  They he's an easy one. And Lord help me if Courtney's dumb ass decides to vote for Jean-Robert out of pure spite because she just wants to be hateful!"

Survivor: China's seventh Tribal Council then commenced, and Amanda commented she's been having "a lot of fun" since the merge.

"They have higher numbers, so it's easier for them to have fun," Peih-Gee fired back.

Jean-Robert then spoke about how the dynamics of the competition had changed, and decided to single-out Courtney as a good bet to make it far in the game since she flies under the radar.  Courtney found it funny that Jean-Robert was calling her a threat and the two started to bicker, similar to what had occurred at the previous Tribal Council.  James than called out Jean-Robert for not just keeping his mouth shut.

"You kind of know about some of the cracks already," said Peih-Gee, hinting she's aware of the tensions between Jean-Robert and Courtney.  "We've had spies back and forth.  I know Jean-Robert's name has come up quite a bit.  He's politicking his ass off.  He's doing everything he can to make sure he gets as many votes on the jury as possible."

Jaime was hoping the fact that she's "more pleasant to be around" might save her.  The 10 remaining castaways then cast their votes, but prior to Jeff revealing the results, Jaime had a question.

"I found this at camp lying on the floor," Jaime told Jeff, revealing the wooden plaque she had recovered at Zhan Hu's camp.  "I thought it might be Immunity."  She then handed the plaque to Jeff, who explained Survivor's rules concerning the Hidden Immunity Idol.

"If the Hidden Immunity Idol is played, any votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be sent home," explained Jeff, as Jean-Robert -- apparently well aware that he was the vote target of the former Zhan Hu members--  looked like he was ready to cry.  "That's in the case of a Hidden Immunity Idol being played.  This however is not a Hidden Immunity Idol."

Jeff threw the useless wooden plaque into the fire and revealed Jaime was ousted by a 7-3 vote.  Jaime, Peih-Gee and Erik were the only ones who voted for Jean-Robert.  Jaime became the first member of Survivor: China's jury that will ultimately decide who wins the $1 million grand prize.

"I learned that I'm probably too nice for the game of Survivor," said Jaime following her elimination.  "I wish Erik and Peih-Gee the best of luck.  I made a bad decision with James.  He's obviously not very trustworthy, and I hate that I trusted him.  So I'm kicking myself in the butt right now.  I tried to play the Hidden Immunity Idol -- it wasn't it -- but it was worth a shot, so I'm glad I tried."

Survivor: China's next episode will air Thursday, November 8 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
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