As Carrie Ann Inaba's 40th birthday approaches, the Dancing with the Stars judge apparently feels her biological clock is ticking.

"I could give up my career to have a family because I would love to raise a child," Inaba said as a guest co-host during Thursday morning's broadcast of ABC's The View.  "I don't know if I have to give up my career, but I do feel a pressure because -- the 40's?! -- I just don't know if I want to be 60 when my daughter's 20.  I want to be healthy and active."

Inaba will turn 40 on January 5, and to compound her quandary about when to start having children, she's currently dating 25-year-old Moscow native and former So You Think You Can Dance first-season finalist Artem Chigvintsev.

"I do worry because I'm getting to the age where I'm thinking about having children.  We've only been dating for a year-and-a-half, and it's like do I have to start pressuring him into that conversation?" said Inaba on The View.  "So we have been talking about it, because I do feel like something is ticking."

While Inaba described her beau as a "beautiful, amazing dancer," she's also aware that her Dancing with the Stars gig makes her "more of the bread-winner right now."

"He wants to have kids -- but he's also 25, just getting started -- and right now I'm busy," she explained.  "He brought up a really good point.  He said, 'If we have kids now, I'm going to have to stay at home, and then I'm never gonna really succeed at my career and then you're not really going to have respect for me as a man.'  It's a good point... There is some truth to it."

Inaba added that Chigvintsev is "open for the discussion" about having children, he just doesn't want to do it "tomorrow."

"I am nervous about it," Inaba said.  "But he's a really grounded guy and he's more mature than I am in so many ways... He's got very strong ideals and he's very old-fashioned."

Inaba is apparently optimistic that she and Chigvintsev will eventually see eye-to-eye about when to have children, a time she's looking forward to.

"I actually think things will change and I'm hoping they will, because I can't wait to get pregnant, sit at home, and eat potato chips and not go to work anymore!" she said.