Deemed to "need a little bit more time," Jaeda Young, an 18-year-old student from Parkersburg, Iowa, became the eighth girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show.

Top Model 7's ninth episode began with the six remaining girls returning back to the house after the elimination of Anchal Joseph. The next day, the girls traveled to the Los Angeles Repertory Company, where acting coach Tasha Smith gave them acting lessons. To get started, all of the girls participated in exercises designed to break down their physical boundaries. "You just have to let go of everything," Jaeda said. After the lessons were over, it was time of the week's challenge -- each girl, acting out the direction that Tasha gave them, would shoot her own silent film, with the girl who did the best winning a guest appearance on The CWs One Tree Hill drama. All of the girls appeared to do fairly well, however once the challenge ended Tasha announced that they would have to wait a little longer to learn which girl won.

After returning back to the house, the girls received a Tyra Mail message that revealed that CariDee English had won the silent film challenge. Then, after the girls viewed CariDee's winning silent film, Tyra Banks entered the room and revealed that she had a big surprise for them -- they were all going to Barcelona, Spain!

Once the girls landed in Barcelona, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that, as they made the bus ride from the airport to their new Barcelona house, the bus made a few additional stops to pick up some male models who would be part of their next shoot. Later that evening, the girls joined the male models for dinner at a traditional Spanish restaurant.

While at dinner, the girls learned that not only would they be shooting a television commercial that would require the girls to kiss their assigned male counterpart the next day, but the commercial would also require them to memorize a script written in Catalan, a language spoken in eastern portions of Spain. Afterward, tensions rose between Jaeda and her male model Nacho when he told her that he did not like black women. "I was so excited to go to Spain, and now my first night, its kind of ruined," Jaeda said.

The next day the girls shot the commercial with their male model partners. While most of the girls struggled with their lines, Jaeda -- unable to remember her lines but also apparently still unable to get past her male model's earlier comment -- completely broke down crying. Despite his personal frustration, Jay Manuel tried to encourage her to continue. "Actions speak louder than words. If you look defeated, it reads as defeat," Jay told Jaeda. "I could not get it together," Jaeda later admitted.

During the elimination ceremony, Jaeda made a point to warn the judges about her poor performance before they even watched her commercial -- a point the judges appreciated. "You were right to warn us. It was like watching a car crash," Twiggy told Jaeda after viewing her commercial. In the end, the judges decided that although they all had an appreciation for Jaeda's beauty, they just couldn't continue to overlook the fact that she had been in the bottom two week after week any longer. "Some girls need a little bit more time," Tyra told Jaeda before eliminating her from the competition.