Done in by a special dual booting twist that required the tribe that lost the Immunity Challenge tribe to vote off not one but two members of its tribe, Rebecca Borman, a 34-year-old make-up artist from Laurelton, NY, and Jenny Guzon-Bae, a 36-year-old real estate agent who currently resides in Lake Forest, IL, were voted out of Survivor: Cook Islands during Thursday night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Cook Islands' ninth episode began with the Aitutaki tribe having returned from the Night 21 Tribal Council in which, having deemed him to be an untrustworthy tribe member who might change allegiances once the game's two remaining tribes merged, the tribe had voted Brad Virata voted out of the game.

The next day, Jonathan Penner -- despite having survived the previous night's Tribal Council decision -- continued to regret his decision to follow Candice Woodcock's lead and "mutiny" back over to the Rarotonga tribe that he and Candice had both originally started the game on. "I regret jumping... it was an impulse thing," Jonathan told the cameras about his decision to follow the lead of the woman with whom he thought, at the time, he'd established a strong alliance.

Meanwhile, Candice was continuing to make little attempt to hide the fact that her real alliance was with Adam Gentry, an attractive 28-year-old that had also been part of the game's original all-Caucasian five person Rarotonga tribe. But with Candice and Adam now reunited, Jenny began to worry that Adam would start to have doubts about his current alliance with Jenny, Rebecca, Parvati Shallow (another member of the original Rarotonga tribe), and Nathan Gonzalez.

Later that day, the tribes received an unexplained Tree Mail package that contained a board containing 24 nautical flags that each represented a single letter of the alphabet. After studying the unexplained chart, the tribes gathered for the Reward Challenge. A combination of both physical and mental skill, the challenge required the tribes to use compass coordinates to locate four treasure chests that had been buried around a large sixteen-point compass rose. After retrieving all the chests, the tribe would have to spell out "VICTORY" using seven nautical flags stored within the chests. The first tribe to correctly spell the word in flags would get to take part in a local feast. As usual, they would also get to decide which member of the losing tribe would be sent to Exile Island.

Although Jonathan and Jenny had some initial difficulty remembering which coordinate they were supposed to be digging at, the challenge remained fairly close as the tribes retrieved their first chests. However once Adam and Candice began the search for the tribe's second chest, Rarotonga began to fall well behind Aitutaki. In the end, Aitutaki -- despite being down to only four people following Candice and Jonathan's defections -- easily won their third straight challenge. When asked to reveal who they would be sending to Exile Island, Yul Kwon, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, Becky Lee and Sundra Oakley once again replied in unison -- "Candice."

After she arrived on Exile Island, Candice -- depressed that Aitutaki had sent her to Exile Island for the second Reward Challenge in a row -- seemed surprised to discover that her former Aitutaki tribemates were still upset about her decision to defect to the Rarotonga tribe. "It's not fun to know that people that you like want to see you suffer," Candice tearfully told the cameras.

The next day, Jonathan began to form a theory about why, despite being the physically stronger -- and now also far larger -- tribe, Rarotonga had lost most of Survivor: Cook Islands' challenges. "The reason that we have been losing is these [people] have not been a tribe yet, they do not work together," Jonathan told the cameras. Deciding that the best way to show the tribe how to change was through example, Jonathan continued to work away at camp chores and impress the tribe with his fishing.

On Day 24, the tribes each received Tree Mail containing an "Islands of the Pacific" map and a message indicating that they should study it. As Rarotonga discussed who should be tasked with the responsibility of learning the map, Adam didn't hesitate to suggest Rebecca's name. Afterward, Jenny voiced her frustration about Rebecca's poor challenge performances. "There hasn't been one challenge where I feel that Rebecca has been a strong force to help out tribe win," Jenny explained during confessional. "I don't know how Rebecca is going to fare from this point on if she doesn't show a little more in challenges."

After getting a chance to study their maps, the tribes assembled for the Immunity Challenge. A four-person competition, the challenge required four members of each tribe to -- one member of each tribe at a time -- swim out to a floating pontoon. Once there, the castaways would dive down and unclip a bundle of island names and swim back to shore. Once all four members of each tribe had retrieved their bundles, the tribes would have to open their bundles and use them to correctly identify the names of ten islands circled on an unlabeled table-size version of the map that they had been given earlier. The first tribe to correctly match all ten islands would win immunity and not have to attend the evening's Tribal Council session. The losing tribe would also receive something -- a sealed message in a bottle. "It must remain sealed," Survivor Jeff Probst explained. "The note contains significant information. You will bring it with you to Tribal Council. You will open the bottle after you have voted."

Although Nate struggled to retrieve Rarotonga's first bundle of island names, the tribes remained fairly close -- thanks to Jonathan and Parvati's strong swimming -- until Rebecca (forced to compete since she'd sat out the Reward Challenge) struggled to retrieve Rarotonga's final bundle of names. In the end, Aitutaki was able to label their island names before Rarotonga could even manage to open their bundles, resulting in Rarotonga's fourth straight challenge loss.

Once they returned to camp, most of Rarotonga's members decided that although they'd originally planned to have Jonathan be the next person to go home, Rebecca would have to be the next person voted out of the game. "Based on overall performance, productivity around camp, and performance during challenges we're going to have to break up our five team alliance and send Rebecca home today," Jenny explained to the cameras.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to Jenny, Adam and Candice, having picked up on Jenny's frustration over Adam's loyalty to Candice, had begun preparing for the possibility that once Rebecca was gone, Jenny would have to go home next. "Jenny becomes a threat and we really have to worry about Jenny after this vote," Adam explained in confessional. "At that point she's going to really try to get Candice off. She's worried that I won't vote Candice out -- which is true -- so Jenny might be the next one to go."
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When the tribe went to Tribal Council, there was little surprise in the initial voting results -- Rebecca was eliminated in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

However once Rebecca's torch was snuffed, the bottle's message revealed a huge surprise -- "You've just voted out one member of your tribe. You will now vote out another." Forced to make a second unexpected vote, Rarotonga's vote was less unanimous. Nate and Jenny remained loyal to "new Rarotonga," resulting in Jonathan receiving two votes. However Adam and Parvati didn't, resulting in Jenny (who also received votes from Jonathan and Candice) being voted out of the game via a 4-2 vote.