We are weeding out the weakest links and getting down to the wire as Jaeda Young is the eighth girl to lose the chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model. In another exclusive interview, hear how Jaeda explains why she let the words of another send her home and why getting her hair cut was such a big issue.

Q: It seemed as though you always looked defeated at the elimination ceremony. What was going through your head?
A: The only time I felt defeated was when Brooke and I were in the bottom two. I thought for sure I was going home.

Q: Were you depressed after your hair cut?
A: It upset me very much but I got over it.

Q: Who do you think your hair cut resembles?
A: I was told later that the cut resembles Halle Berry. I did not see it until I got home.

Q: Who are the people in your life that said you were pretty?
A: My parents always told me I was pretty but parents are going to tell you that no matter what other may think. I used to get teased in school by the other kids. They yelled racial comments and called me ‘puffy hair’.

Q: On the show you said people called you ‘the pretty one’ all the time.
A: That was when I was in college. They always said I was pretty.

Q: Did you believe them?
A: I guess I did.

Q: If you believed the college kids, then why was it so hard for you to believe an industry expert like Tyra when she and the judges told you that your bone structure was amazing and that you had the perfect face to carry off a short haircut?
A: When my hair was cut, I fell out of my comfort zone. I also felt very uncomfortable being in a different environment. My hair was like… I can’t explain it but I felt exposed and vulnerable once my hair was off.

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Q: Do you believe modeling is a job? (She answered “Yes”.) If kissing a stranger for a photo shoot is part of that job, why would you take it personal by saying that you did not want to do it because you are loyal to your boyfriend?
A: It was just girl talk between me and Eugena. He knows that it’s my decision not his. We are now broke up anyway.

Q: In the case of the male model’s negative comments to you, what would you do differently?
A: I would not have made a big deal of the whole thing. Eugena heard him as well and I was trying to get someone else to help me with my lines but everyone was helping their girls and there was no one for me because my partner walked out and did not come back for 20 minutes.

Q: Who did you get along with in the house and why was the focus of conversation always on Anchal?
A: I got along with Eugena and Brooke. I felt that Melrose was so focused on Anchal. I told Anchal to stop tripping on herself. Her body is so unique and she is so beautiful. I told her that so many times.

Q: How are you wearing your hair now?
A: Actually I am still wearing it short. It’s a little longer now but I got used to it. I think I will keep it like this for awhile.

Q: What will you do after the competition?
A: I will finish school. My major is elementary education and I do plan to also pursue a career in modeling.

It is so unbelievable that after seven weeks of training she finally got “it” after she was eliminated. Cutting her hair was actually a life changing experience because there is nothing to hide behind. By shedding her clothes and hair she became a stronger woman. She talked about Anchal not being ready for the world and then she admits that she was uncomfortable in a new environment. She said kids used to make racial comments to her at school yet she did not learn anything from it or she would have been able to handle the negative comments from the male model. That entire time period in school was preparing her for this moment and she failed miserably. She should have kissed the guy so hard that he would never forget her.

After Jaeda was eliminated the show did not send her home immediately. Therefore she had a chance to sightsee, shop and enjoy her free trip to Spain.

If you would like to get in touch with Jaeda she has a myspace.com page; just type in her name, Jaeda Young.

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