The third person to lose the chance at becoming America's Next Top Model is Cassandra, the 24 year old from Seattle, Washington.  In an exclusive interview, we find out why all the girls came to her for comfort and how she felt about posing nude.

Question:  How did you adapt to living with 13 girls in one house?

Cassandra:  At first I thought it was going to be difficult with sharing a bathroom (there's only 2), sharing the telephone and dealing with PMS, but we got along great.  It was like one big happy family.

Question:  At the elimination ceremony Tyra said that the girls depended on you for strength.  What was she talking about?

Cassandra:  I would just talk to the girls a lot.  Most of the times they came to me if they just wanted someone to talk to about their problems.  When I saw Jael in tears because her friend died of an overdose, I went to comfort her and say a few words that would make her feel better.  My mother is a counselor and a case manager for abused women and children.  I would watch her counsel people.  My mother is a positive person.  We are a strong Christian family.  The girls don't want to feel like they are competing all the time.  When they are in the house, they just want to relax and talk.

Question:  Were you pleased with your photo shoots?

Cassandra:  Yes.  I was pleased with all except the ice cream shoot.  During that shoot I received first degree burns on my hands for holding the ice cream too long.  On the show it looked like three seconds but, it actually took thirty minutes to get the shot.  My neck became stiff, it was freezing and I lost focus trying to hold ice cream.

Question:  How did you feel about posing nude?

Cassandra:  Being nude was not bad at all.  It was done very tastefully.  I trusted Tyra and I would not think that she would do anything that would make us look bad or appear negative.

Question:  Did you keep your new hairstyle?

Cassandra:  Yes.  I kept it for awhile; about three months.  I just took it out.

Question:  Were you shocked when you got disqualified from the Cover Girl challenge?

Cassandra:  I don't know what happened.  One moment all the girls are applying makeup and the next moment I looked up, they all were gone.  When I ran to catch up with everyone, it was too late.  I did not know we would be disqualified.  I thought it would be like the Goodwill challenge where we had to stop shopping when they stopped counting.

NOTE TO READERS:  Actually she was in eye distance and two steps away from the judges before her dress got caught in the bushes.  That two second delay disqualified her from the challenge.  Last year there was a challenge where the girls had to get dressed on an elevator.  Each time the elevator stopped, the girls got off to get an item of clothing and got back on the elevator.  Whoever missed the elevator was eliminated.  I don't remember them saying the girls would be eliminated if they were not standing next to a girl.  The producers messed that one up badly.
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Question:  Wow… So your ice cream photo did not come out well along with the other photos not being that great, you were disqualified from the Cover Girl challenge and you were eliminated from the competition.

Cassandra:  Yeah.  I think it was a combination of everything that got me eliminated. 

Question:  What will you do now?

Cassandra:  I was modeling part-time before Top Model, so I guess I will continue to pursue modeling with an agency I have been working for already.

Question:  Do you think you will move to New York or LA?

Cassandra:  No, I love where I live.  I will travel but, I'm going to stay in Seattle.

At the end of the interview Cassandra wanted to thank everyone for their support and encouragement.  She does not have a My Space page because she does not have a computer.  She laughs, "That's terrible.  I don't have a computer."  That's okay because you're out on modeling assignments.  Maybe one day you will have a computer but, for right now, you have to work the cameras and the catwalks.  Good Luck to you Cassandra.

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