Ilianna Viramontes is currently a contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season on NBC.

Ilianna, an 18-year-old from Brentwood, CA, missed her high school graduation to audition for The Voice.

She took the stage with "New Soul" and convinced both Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus to turn around for her. Because Adam pointed out that choosing Miley would help Ilianna come out of her box and comfort zone, the artist picked Miley as her coach.

Now that the Blind Auditions are over, Ilianna will be competing in The Voice's famous "The Battle Round," which kicks off Monday, October 16 at 8PM ET/PT.

After her audition aired on NBC, Chloe talked to Reality TV World about her choice of team. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: Adam kept insisting that you should join Miley's team instead of Blake's. So how much influence did Adam have on your decision? Were you leaning towards Blake before Adam made his pitch? 

Ilianna Viramontes: I went into the Blind Audition kind of already leaning towards Miley, but I will say that it was really close. I almost picked Blake, but I've just always been such a huge fan of Miley since I was little.

I was even Miley -- I was Hannah Montana for Halloween in fourth grade, and she's always had a big influence on me in the music industry and everything. And I think it was just always going to be Miley for me. 

Also during the conference call with reporters, Ilianna talked about her career plans.

You skipped your high school graduation to audition for The Voice. Was that a tough decision to make?

Ilianna Viramontes: Honestly, I don't think it was really a tough decision just for myself because this is such an amazing opportunity.  I figured -- I wasn't always the type to care that much about -- this might sound kind of bad, but care that much about high school, I guess. 

I did my school work. I did what I needed to do to graduate, but the actual graduation just didn't fall under the -- it wasn't as important to me as this opportunity.

And the only reason I was going to go back was for my mom. It was harder on my mom than it was for me. So yes, I think that I definitely don't regret it at all. I'm going to have a college graduation so it wasn't too hard of a decision.
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And will you be attending Berkeley?

Ilianna Viramontes: Yes, I'm going to be attending next fall.

Judging from your introductory package on the show, you haven't done a whole lot as a solo artist. If that's the case, could you talk about what type of music you envision yourself making and who your inspirations are?

Ilianna Viramontes: So I think I've always put myself in group situations, like I've always been a part of a choir I think with my church choir for a long time and then I started doing choirs in my school. And I guess I just never -- I always wanted to be and pictured myself as more of a solo artist.

But I never, I guess, had the confidence and drive to put myself out there until I auditioned for Berkeley College of Music. And that was my first accomplishment, seeing myself as a solo artist. And then that's when I decided to audition for The Voice and that was the first big thing I ever really did.

So I'd say I've always been more on the pop side. Like some of the people that I look up to are Ingrid Michaelson. I love Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. But yes, it was definitely nerve wracking, but it was definitely the best decision I ever made.

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