Michael Kight is currently a contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season on NBC.

Michael is a 25-year-old from Dublin, GA, who is a huge Maroon 5 fan and mirrors Adam Levine's style.

The artist performed the hit song "Sugar" with his own twist for his Blind Audition, and of course he got Adam to turn around. Although Adam was the only coach who pressed his button, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton seemed to agree they had messed up by not choosing to fight for Michael.

However, it seemed obvious Michael would've chosen Adam as his coach no matter what.

After his audition aired on television, Michael talked to Reality TV World about his The Voice experience so far. Below is what he had to say.

Reality TV World: The other coaches were intimidated to turn around because you chose a Maroon 5 song to perform to begin with. Would there have been any chance you'd choose a different coach if more than one coach had turned around for you?

Michael Kight: It was interesting doing his song and I kind of had that fear going out there like, "Oh gosh, I'm doing his song. Is he even going to turn around?" And so I felt pretty good about the arrangement and everything. But I thought it might be cool to be on any team. 

I imagined being on Adam's team for a while just because I'm a huge fan of Adam, Maroon 5. And I don't know, I didn't know what was going to happen, so I went out there with an open mind. If any chair would turn, I'd be super happy and grateful.

It would have been interesting to be on another team, but I think I'm exactly where I need to be. And I think Adam, I think he just got what I was doing. He understood it and he felt confident about it. And so, that to me spoke volumes, and I think that's where I was supposed to be.

Also during the conference call, Michael talked to reporters about what led him to audition for The Voice.

Looking at your Facebook, it appeared to me that you performed previously with Amber Carrington and Carolyn Glaser from The Voice. I was wondering if that had anything to do with your decision to try out for the show and whether they had given you any advice about The Voice.

Michael Kight: Yes, it definitely influenced it. I started playing with Amber right after she got off the show, Season 4, and Carolyn was the same season. And I was playing with Amber in Nashville. And then she introduced me to Carolyn and I ended up playing some gigs with Carolyn, going on tour with her.

And they just always encouraged me to keep singing, and do my thing, and pursue my artistry. And they were super pumped when I told them that I was doing it. So yes, they definitely influenced it and they've gotten a lot of good things from it, and they grew so much as artists from it. So just seeing them as an example pumped me up.
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Have you worked with any other previous contestants from The Voice?

Michael Kight: Yes, I've had friends. I had a buddy that went to the Battles in Season 5. I knew the Swon Brothers from that season.  But mostly Season 4. I don't know a lot of people from other seasons. Yes, that was just an interesting time. I just met a lot of people from that season around that time and just was working with people in Nashville. Cool timing.

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