Overlooked in all the success of Fox's American Idol and the solo singing careers of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken is the forthcoming movie From Justin to Kelly, starring the winner and runner-up from the first Idol (Clarkson and Justin Guarini). Maybe it's been overlooked for a reason.

The Boston Herald 'Inside Track'


reports that the movie's release date has been pushed back yet again, to June 20 this time, and that the advance press screenings for the movie have been cancelled. The second delay in the release, following an earlier delay from April to June 13, is normally a sign that, at the least, a movie may not be as strong as originally thought. However, the cancellation of the advance press screening is usually a sign that the movie is an absolute dud that was lucky to avoid "direct-to-video" release.

From Justin to Kelly has already been garnering negative reactions, such as this one from the Oregon Daily Emerald, sight unseen. To keep it out of critics' sight means that it must be even worse than anticipated.

Accordingly, for those people who are burned out on Idol hype and are waiting to see the Idol crew misstep, we are starting a countdown until the movie's release day, which will be the day after which all of you nattering nabobs of negativism will have some fresh ammunition to fire at Idol (and movie) producer Simon Fuller, Kelly, Justin, et al. 16 days left as of today ... unless the release is delayed again or even cancelled.

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