A New York "American Idol" contestant who won't be moving on asked British judge Simon Cowell for his work visa after the judge called his act "rubbish."

Ian Benardo was allowed to complete nearly all of Laura Brannigan's "Gloria," before the judges began insulting his act, the one-time telephone psychic told the New York Post.

When Cowell told Benardo his act was "just rubbish," Benardo demanded to see a work visa for Cowell, who then called for security to escort the contestant out.

"Simon has built an empire by sitting in a chair and being bored and British, and I just wanted to know if he is legally allowed to be making millions of dollars off us," Benardo, 26, told The Post. "Since he had no answer, that makes me believe he may not be legally working here in the United States."

Benardo said he doesn't shy away from anything or anyone because, "I'm from the Bronx."