Pretty saw his sexuality questioned and was disheartened to hear Tiffany "New York" Pollard ask his sister personal sexual questions about him, leading the law school student from Pearl, MS to quit as a suitor during VH1's Monday night broadcast of  I Love New York 2's seventh episode.

I Love New York 2's seventh episode began with New York and her mom Sister Patterson revealing to the six remaining suitors that their exes would be coming into the house to dish the dirt.  While all of the guys were uneasy about the news, Buddha,  a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, and Pretty were pleasantly surprised to find it would be their sisters coming into the house and not their exes. 

New York assumed Buddha's ex couldn't be there "because she's crazy," a reference to the fact that Buddha has said he has a restraining order against his ex.  New York thought the fact Pretty's sister wasn't showing backed-up her hunch that he had "something to hide."  Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY, thought he faced the toughest test since instead of his ex-girlfriend, New York would be meeting his estranged wife Nancy.

"I'm definitely feeling a little nervous," said Tailor Made when Nancy entered the room.  New York was "so shocked" when she saw what Nancy looked like and compared her to Wesley Snipes in the film To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

The plan was that New York and Patterson would question each of the women individually while at the same time, their respective guy would be interrogated by I Love New York first-season suitors and brothers Ahmad "Real" Givens and Kamal "Chance" Givens (who, not surprisingly, came dressed in their "Stallionaires" shirts).

"I was starting to s**t bricks," said Tailor Made, who was the first to be interrogated by Real and Chance.  "These guys definitely intimidate me."

As Tailor Made explained how he's currently in the process of divorcing Nancy, she told New York and Patterson about how she married Tailor Made after only nine months of dating.  That piece of info made New York nervous because she thought it meant Tailor Made moved quickly with all women and not just her.  Real and Chance eventually got it out of Tailor Made that he's the second-season snitch, and Tailor Made was almost sure the guys would bad-mouth him to New York.

The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, and his ex Megan were the next to go, and Real and Chance were extra curious about how he got that nickname (no doubt a directive from Patterson).  As Megan explained The Entertainer has "a little bit of a temper," The Entertainer was showing he could control it as he did everything in his power not to snap when Chance kept running his mouth during the interrogation.  Megan really dropped the bomb when she told New York and Patterson The Entertainer was still living with his mom.

"He did not tell me that!" said a surprised New York.

Punk's ex Crystal explained to New York and Patterson that the two were never in love as he told Chance and Real he saw himself and Crystal "better off as friends."  Punk felt he was being "disrespected" by Chance and Real and refused to be "muscled" by them.  When Chance threw a chair out of his way, Punk -- who is physically imposing and probably outweighs Chance by at least 100 pounds -- flipped the interrogation table in-front of him.

"Don't come in here disrespecting somebody like that!" said Punk.

Chance subsequently smashed the overhead light in the interrogation room -- but Punk wasn't intimidated -- describing the brothers as having "all bark and no bite."

Mr. Wise,  a club promoter from Camden, NJ, was initially nervous that his ex Kia would kick-up some drama.  However he was the one who unknowingly dug a hole for himself, telling Chance and Real conflicting information to what Kia was telling New York and Patterson.   However both Kia and Mr. Wise had their stories in-sync when they said Mr. Wise visited her before going on the show, a fact New York wasn't happy about that was only made worse.
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"I think that he loves me," Kia told New York and Patterson about Mr. Wise.

Luckily for Buddha, his sister Thais confirmed his story to New York and Patterson that his ex was stalking him, which required he take-out a restraining order against her.  However Thais also said Buddha's been know to kick some male ass, which wasn't really news considering the Tailor Made incident earlier this season.  However it reaffirmed Patterson's belief that Buddha displays violent behavior and Thais' testimony raised a "red flag."

New York and Patterson immediately pestered Pretty's sister Lashanda about the rumors that he's actually gay, and Chance and real asked the same exact question.  Pretty said the rumors "mean nothing" and added he's "secure" with himself.  New York then asked Lashanda questions that were really odd, especially when she inquired as to when her brother lost his virginity and if she ever walked in on him having sex.  Lashanda said she didn't know, and immediately New York commented how she felt Pretty was "hiding something" because he kept secrets from his family.

After the meetings, Punk told Buddha about the heated exchange he had with Chance.  New York then went to dinner with Chance and Real so they could compare notes and their would be a party later that night with everybody who was involved in the day's festivities.  While Punk was a "little jealous" that Chance and Real would be going out with New York, Tailor Made said he was "not the least bit intimidated or concerned."  Punk then eerily predicted that "something will go down" if the brothers returned to the house.

On the way to dinner, New York gushed about seeing Chance again and how he holds a special place in her heart as I Love New York's first season runner-up.  If Real wasn't in the limo with them, it appeared there was a good chance something sexual would have went down between new York and Chance. 

At dinner the three compared notes.  While Chance told New York to "get rid" of Punk, Real thought Punk was "the most real guy in the house," which made New York happy because she trusts Real's assessment.  Both Chance and Real were upset Tailor Made was still married and then dissed The Entertainer for living with his parents.  They also all agreed that Buddha's "violent side has the potential to send him home.  They were also disappointed Mr. Wise met with his ex before he left for the show.  Once again, New York said she was concerned Pretty had something to hide.

Back at the house, Pretty talked over the phone with his sister, who was at the hotel preparing to come back to the house for the part.  Pretty could immediately tell Lashanda was upset, and she told her brother that New York "pushed the wrong buttons" when her questions got a little too personal.

"I had that New York asked some very personal questions about me," said Pretty.  "I mean come on!  These are not questions that a normal sibling would know about their brother or sister!... I really don't want my sister to be involved in this at all.  Any time you mess with my blood -- you mess with me -- so I was definitely going to stand up for my sister.  I am going to set it straight tonight.  It may get a little rowdy."

Chance and New York stumbled back from dinner with their chaperone Real, and Patterson -- who has never liked Chance since Day 1 of Season 1 -- pulled her daughter away.  Patterson's "third eye" was acting up again, and seeing New York and Chance canoodling made her blood boil. 

However Patterson decided to tell Buddha that something might be going on between Chance and New York, which probably wasn't the best of ideas since Buddha rallied all the other guys to confront Chance.  Buddha explained to Chance that the remaining second-season suitors felt it was "disrespectful" for Chance to come into the house.

"She dumped you last season dude.  Keep moving," said Buddha.

New York thought her mom was "just wants to get some s**t going," and Patterson confirmed that was the reason she told Buddha.  Punk noticed Chance was "immediately defensive" when confronted.  Eventually Buddha had to be physically pulled away from Chance, who yelled and bounced around.

"I wouldn't be surprised if [Chance] did come back in the house and try to win her heart," said Punk.

However that wouldn't be the case, as New York explained Chance was too out of control, which was why she didn't pick him at the conclusion of the show's first season.  Eventually Chance and Real left and New York still wanted to try and move forward with the party.

New York confronted Mr. Wise about some details of his story not matching up with what his ex had said, however it was a heated conversation with Pretty that ensued.  New York and Pretty exchanged an, "I don't give a f**k," before he walked out after insulting New York for wearing weaves.

"I'm thinking I want to get away from this crazy bitch," said Pretty.

New York pursued Pretty throughout the house as he tried to get away and still insisted that he was "hiding something."  Eventually New York gave up, thought Pretty had wasted her time by being in the competition in the first place, and commented how she didn't even want to see him at the upcoming elimination.  Tailor Made was excited because that meant one less suitor he had to deal with.

Since it was such a crazy day, nobody really knew what to expect at the elimination ceremony.

"Why are we even doing this Part 2?" wondered Buddha, a reference to New York's feelings for Chance.  "You need to decide what you want!"

New York apologized to the guys and asked if they had anything they wanted to say.  Punk directly asked if there was any ounce of New York that was still in love with Chance.

"If I was in love with Chance, none of us would be here right now," answered New York.  "I don't want him.  I don't want to go down that road again."

Buddha wouldn't let the issue die and persisted in his questioning on whether or not she still has feelings for Chance.  New York assured Buddha that Chance was an "old flame."  Buddha once again persisted, wondering if Chance was really an old flame why he was getting all touchy-feely with New York.  She assured Buddha for a second time that she lost focus for a moment and apologized yet again.  Buddha just wouldn't stop bringing it up, and Patterson was pissed.

"I swear, I really wanted to punch him in the face," said Patterson about Buddha's constant questioning.

Patterson told the guys that if they don't feel New York's sincerity in her apology, they know where the door is and were welcomed to leave.

"I don't believe New York at all," said Buddha.

However his action didn't back up his words, as Pretty would be the only bachelor to walk out the door during the episode broadcast, as Buddha, Punk, Mr. Wise, Tailor Made and The Entertainer all remained in the competition.

"I was hoping that what New York said was completely true and honest," said Buddha.  "If that's the case, I'm looking forward to moving forward with her... I'm not here to play games.  I'm here to find out if New York and I can have a relationship that works."

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, November 26 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.